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AppMySite Review 2021 AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Does it Worth?

AppMySite Review 2021 AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Does it Worth?

AppMySite Review 2021

Building mobile apps is a great way to keep in touch with customers. But, custom app development takes a lot of time, resources, and know-how. According to Statista, there are over one billion mobile phones out there and 4.8 Billion users are using mobile internet today and their ratio is increasing.

It is because mobile applications and gaming are growing in popularity. If you look around, you will see every user doing their task using mobile apps. Mobile application development also became one of the top-rated skill and business businesses in the world.

Most people start working on a mobile app development project today and most of them experienced and professionals. Businesses understand the importance of having a mobile app today, but a few years ago, it was not easy at all to develop an app.

The process required time, financial investments, and a team of specialists. Nowadays, things have changed, thanks to platforms like AppMySite, which is an app creator that can turn your website into an app in minutes! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Someone who doesn't know how to code wants to build a mobile app. Could they do it? This is possible and we will review AppMySite in today’s article. In the case when you want a simple way to build an app that doesn’t must you to build code or dive into development.

So let’s get started

What is AppMySite?


AppMySite is an AI-powered mobile app builder. It allows you to create high-quality, customized mobile apps without writing a single line of code. It helps you build awesome mobile apps in minutes with WordPress integration.

It's great for any WordPress or WooCommerce site owner who wants high-quality mobile apps.

In addition, it offers cross-platform testing, mobile device emulators, and live app previews. You can also boost your apps even further with add-on features like white labeling, language support, user management, and consent forms.

By offering a variety of high-quality design options. AppMySite allows you to build apps with custom icons, splash screens, sign-up screens, and more. Upload your own artwork or buy premium designs to make your app look good.

So, it is easy to build amazing mobile apps or convert your blog or e-commerce store with AppMySite WordPress app builder. Besides, it lets you customize your home screen, app menu, pages, blogs, categories, and more. That is why, If you’re using your app for e-commerce, manage product listings, users, product info, checkout settings, and more.



AppMySite has many design options for you to choose from. By making it easy to make high-quality apps with professional design, including custom icon designs, splash screens, sign-up screens, and more.

Using the tool Appmysite plugin, you can customize your app by uploading your own images, using custom fonts, and using premium themes.

  • Create a mobile app with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Achieve complete customization of your app in record time

Furthermore, the AppMysite app builder for WordPress is suitable for website owners and e-commerce stores who want high-quality mobile apps for their WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

Additional Benefits:


You can fine-tune your app settings and make it more. From customizing your app’s home screen to configuring pages, blogs, and categories, this tool makes everything much easier.

Therefore, if you are creating an app for e-commerce. Then AppMySite WooCommmerce enables you to manage your product listings, users, product details, checkout settings, and more.

Quick And Easy Launching:

You do not have to go through lengthy, stressful procedures to launch your application on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once your application finished and looks perfect to you, you can launch it immediately.

Connectivity & Synchronization:

The WordPress plugin for AppMySite makes it easy to integrate your website with your new mobile application. Download the plugin and activate it. Your app can filled with website content as it is.

If you use WooCommerce, you can also connect your website by creating REST API keys. This way, you can sync your products and categories.

Testing And Previews:

You can always get a live preview of your application before you launch it to the public, and you can check whether everything works on both Android and IOS systems.

Nothing is more painful than releasing an application and realizing right away that you made a huge mistake right there in the title!

How AppMySite Works?


It is possible to create an account by signing up and providing the relevant details. You may also use the Google or Facebook signup options to proceed. You directed to the ‘Add new app’ page.

Make sure to enter your website details and choose a name for your app. If you haven’t decided on a name yet, you can always change it later. Once you have selected a name, you need to click ‘Build App’ and start customizing it according to your needs.

The WordPress plugin can also help you convert a site into a mobile app. The process is as follows:

So it's easy to connect your site to your mobile app using AppMySite web builder. Or by installing and activating the WordPress App Builder AppMysite plugin. It will connect your site and your app in seconds.

With this feature, your WordPress site populated with all your content, including your main menu, and all changes on your site shown.

WooCommerce users can connect their sites by generating REST API keys to sync all their products and categories to AppMySite. Besides, AppMySite has powerful preview tools including cross-platform testing, emulators, and live app previews.



  • Easy setup
  • Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress
  • Great and SImple attractive design
  • Blog integration
  • Native Page Render as Backup
  • Sub-user accounts
  • Whitelabel App


  • Sometimes works slower.
  • Additional content layouts like masonry, grid, etc

AppMysite Alternatives:


Using it, you can build a functional web app without writing code. Users have built marketplaces, CRM tools, and social networks. Users can add new features without writing code, while business people are able to focus on the customer-facing product.


Ninox enables anyone to build a Business Application without any coding skills. Furthermore, Ninox promotes team collaboration functionalities and the integration of popular services, such as Google Apps, among others.

Appy pie:

Appy Pie is one such competitor of AppMySite that makes it easy for users to build a variety of digital products without any coding, such as websites, chatbots, mobile apps, etc., in a few minutes.

Pricing Plans:


You can use AppMySite to create apps that match your business goals with amazing add-on products and features. We can say that it is a scalable solution for creating premium native mobile apps from your website in only minutes.

AppMySite pricing is approximately 684$ which is really expensive but AppSumo offers it in a deal for a low price which will be a lifetime offer for a limited period of time. You can grab this deal by wasting no time.

AppMySite Lifetime Deal


Final Verdict:

In short, The opposite platform has definitely brought a paradigm shift for small businesses worldwide. It has allowed them to increase their audiences, boost their sales. And hence become more prominent in the market all by building a business application without even spending a dime.

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