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Ashore AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $59 | AppSumo Review 2021

Ashore AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $59 | AppSumo Review 2021

Review Ashore AppSumo

Looking for an Ashore AppSumo Lifetime deal? If yes then you are one the right spot. We got your back with an amazing lifetime deal of only 59$.

With workflow automation, complex business processes become simpler to manage. Workflow automation moves or transforms data when a form submission, user action, or internal signal trigger. This passive approach lets workers spend less time on repetitive, time-consuming work.

Your team can speed up progress on tasks and projects by using workflow automation software. These tools may even come with "inbuilt analytics" to reveal inefficiencies.

Using Ashore AppSumo workflow automation software takes no coding skills or technical know-how, and allows you to build workflows. Users can drag-and-drop forms, use flow charts, and even collaborate. Many vendors also provide flexible customizations for small businesses and their unique processes.

If you’re going to buy Ashore to handle your client automation workflow, then read our Ashore review in depth first. In this Ashore Lifetime Deal review, we cover all the details for our readers.

Need help before you choose a workflow management tool? Here's everything you should know about Ashore AppSumo Lifetime deal in 2021.

What is Ashore?

Ashore AppSumo

Using this digital platform, Ashore improves collaboration by using peer feedback and automation, while automating processes and notifications.

The Ashore AppSumo plan allows you to upload material in the form of videos, pdfs, audios, and images. You can then share these files during the development stage with someone you trust. And share these links with their decision-makers through any messaging app or any device.

This software will make it easy to let others know about your proposal on your behalf. They'll be able to see a preview what you send them beforehand. It will organize letters into different categories, such as approved, need changes, not approve, etc.

Ashore AppSumo lifetime deal ensures that every action will save on an audit timeline so that export any time you want.

You have total control over the entire process of proofing, from downloading files to reviewing comments from other collaborators and approve proofs with changes.

The software allows you to add innumerable approvers and stages of project workflow. The statistical method lets you see which part of your workflow is going along well and which part needs more attention.

It is also possible for you to view non-approved files so that you can always locate the clients in need immediately. Through Ashore Appsumo deal you can review all non-approved files, verify any new project, send out extra notifications, and start a new project for approval.

A unique link could generated within the application that you can share via email, text or slack.

There is no need for the receiver to sign up or log in to see the file you shared. click on the link and they will see it.

Ashore AppSumo Features:

Ashore AppSumo


  • With this feature, you can simplify the process of reviewing and approving content. A time-saving benefit for you and your team!


  • In addition, you don’t need to give the approvers an account to proofread. They can click on the review link you’ve sent them, or Ashore can send them the link.

Options for proof:

  • There are also plenty of options, such as the ability to let approvers download files.
  • Let you see all comments, approve the proof with changes, and approve individual files.

Website Capture:

  • With Ashore AppSumo feature, you can add any website URL to your proof for approval. Ashore will take a screenshot of the full-length site at common breakpoints, allowing you approvers to see the page at all screen sizes.

Contextual Commenting:

  • Each comment made on a proof associated with a specific place on the page, so clicking on it will take you to where the comment made.

Markup Tools:

  • Additionally, approvers will have the ability to single-click anywhere on proof to specify what they mean with the help of rectangles and arrows.

Video Proofing:

  • With this software, you can also make comments on video files. The comments will tied to specific areas in the video as well as the time in which the comments made.

White-Labeled Review Screens:

  • You may also incorporate a company logo into their custom proofing dashboards. This helps maintain a professional atmosphere with every client.


  • Through your Ashore AppSumo litime deal account, you will be able to create and save as many workflows as you would like, and then use them again and again for returning clients or custom internal approval processes.

Templates for Email:

  • Furthermore, you can create email templates by category for approvers in every step of the workflow process. There will also be variables in the template that help fill in people information when sent.
  • Auditing:
  • It reminds you where you left off by capturing every action, including when you make changes to a proof, when a new approver registered, when approvers take decisions on files, and when a new message sent.

Tracking Workflows:

  • Also, the proof timeline lets you see what stage of the workflow your proofs are in.


  • Lets you upload your company logo to Ashore and display it on all review screens and emails sent from the software.
  • You can also integrate your email with Ashore so that all emails from Ashore will come from your branded email address.

Integrate Your Email:

  • Ashore's email delivery service, Postmark, lets you send emails right from your account.

How Does Ashore Work?

It allows your approvers to view proofs on a secure, white-labeled platform and then make annotations. All major file types, including images, PDF files, HTML, web links, audio and video supported by Ashore.

The Ashore timeline tool tracks everything: every time your approver opens the file, every new version sent, and each new email sent to the client. We'll tell you when comments, versions, and emails occur. You can export the timeline as a PDF.

Ashore also allows you to customize every part of the proofing process, from clients downloading files, viewing comments, approving proofs with changes, and more. You can automate stages of approval and send custom emails that make every project feel very simple.

You can share these review links on every messaging platform in seconds. Ashore creates unique project links you can share via any application.

Moreover, ashore lets you create project links you can share via any application. It tracks project status via BCC-ed users, called non-approvers who can track approval progress but can’t affect it. The platform is white-label friendly and allows for customized deployments.



  • Proofing Screens for Every Major File Type
  • Automated Workflows
  • Liquid Email Templates
  • White Labeling (Including Domain!)
  • Easy-to-Share Review Links


  • Some minor modifications required.

Alternative of Ashore at AppSumo:


It is one of the most popular project management software applications. Asana keeps all the projects in your program organized and smoothly moving. Manage, track, and talk about your team's projects in Asana to go beyond planning and get results. Besides, With Asana, you can simplify your workflow, reduce distractions, increase productivity, and work more efficiently as a team.


Hightail is a creative project-management tool. it has features like sending large files, previewing content (such as PDFs and images), collecting feedback with precise feedback forms and assigning tasks. tracking work with shared dashboards, controlling versions and routing approvals in one application.


With Workfront, corporate workflow management, project, portfolio, resource, and individual task management is available as a software-as-a-service platform. Workfront automates repeatable processes and enables users to manage financial information and to generate reports.

Ashore AppSumo Pricing:

Ashore AppSumo

The tool Ashore allows you to automate your quality assurance process, so that you will always have confidence in the quality of your content. The tool is actually $1620.00, but AppSumo is offering the tool at a price of $59. It's a lifetime offer.

Ashore AppSumo Lifetime Deal 2021

Final Verdict: Ashore AppSumo Lifetime Deal 2021

Ashore AppSumo is the best tool for everyone doing client work. It lets you take control of everything from whether customers can download files to whether they can see comments from other collaborators or approve edited proofs. With automated approval stages and custom emails, feedback turn-around time is reduced, making every project straightforward.