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BLINK Review 2021: Get BLINK AppSumo Lifetime Deal $59

BLINK Review 2021: Get BLINK AppSumo Lifetime Deal $59

BLINK Review

BL.INK is a great link shorter for anyone who wants to drive traffic on your site. Looking for the BL.INK review for AppSumo deal?

As we know that a URL shortener, you can take a long, lengthy URL and shorten it into a short one that takes users to the exact same page. Some URL shorteners will also tell you where the users came from, track them, and send them back to you.

URL shorteners allow you to generate shorter URLs, while also benefiting from tracking and remarketing capabilities.

URL shortening apps encompass simple, fast, and free options. Such as marketing and analytics-focused ones with dashboards and detailed metrics. Also, it has many other options that allow you to add your own call-to-action to the link you share.

The BLINK URL shortener can shorten your site's, document, and any other links, analyze clicks, add UTM tags, and/or help you with retargeting. In this post, we will discuss BLINK's lifetime app sumo deal on Appsumo and also see how it increases brand sales and visibility.

So let’s get a start and grab the deal now


BL.INK is a short link management platform. It helps businesses “tiny links” by creating branded short links using real words. to ensure their brand is intact throughout the web. Short links with real words which memorized for longer and provide more clicks.

In 2008, BLINK founded to meet the needs of enterprises. By making it the only flexible, scalable, secure platform to optimize short links. The company has grown into one of the world’s biggest brands and enthusiastic clients.

Besides, It takes time to build your audience and create great content, so you need links to be trackable so your audience can click with confidence. Analyzing more about the link shortening tool that keeps track of every click and protects your data.

Moreover, you can also shorten links with branded domains and include tracking tags and Google Analytics variables. It also helps you track and track all your links, no matter the source. With BLINK, your links work for you, fast and easy.

With BLINK, you have complete control over the appearance and the customization of your links. So that, you can alter their destination, change tracking tags, and take advantage of the email notification feature whenever they get clicked.

Therefore, with links to your site that you can manage and control. So that your customers will feel free to use your logo and as well as on the website.


Link Management:

It allows the user to manage every link. You can manage, monitor, and measure every aspect of the engagement.


You can see how many clicks and engagements there have been of your links, and you can see it in real-time. So you do not need to worry about being out of the loop.


Additionally, you can connect the software to existing tools. Such as the browsers, the iOS AppStore, or Migrate Links to make the process even easier.

The ability to scale:

With this software, your brand grows with your company and we ensure scalability is transparent to you.

Monitoring and Controls:

Using BL.INK, you won't have to worry about your data's security. It meets all security requirements. So you won't have to worry about breaches and unnecessary problems around security.

Creativity and Flexibility:

BL.INK also covers all your link challenges. You can automate, standardize, and solve all your possible link problems along the way.

Providing Service And Support:

You will never have to go through broken glass and needles to find the support that you need when it comes to this platform. So the support will help you anytime, whenever you need an assistant or you get stuck.

Add Domains:

With BL.INK you can also find your custom short domains to use for your links.

Moreover, every aspect of your links could modify and updated at any time. And you can change the destination links, update tracking tags, change campaign names, or get email notifications whenever clicks generated.


You can edit all aspects of your links and route by day, date, time, geography, device, and language

  1. BLINK is best suited for marketers, developers, and sales teams that want to track every click and drive more customer engagement.
  2. By using this, you would be able to perform deep-dive analytics on each link to get the critical insights you need.
  3. Also, it helps you get deeper insights into your website by filtering by day, owner, or tag.
  • Marketers who need help with link building, tracking, and measuring.
  • As well, it will help the developers track the links of their clients and tweak them to produce greater engagement levels.
  • For sales teams who have a need for the tools that increase engagements and clicks.

How does it work?


In BL.INK, you have all the analytics at your fingertips—see how your campaigns are performing by day, hour, geography, and device. Use your web analytics platform to drill down even further and filter by day, owner, or tag.

It also makes it easy to import thousands of links for a single campaign or make quick edits and upload your changes.

BLINK lets you collaborate with yourself as well as your team through many campaigns and users, enabling you to manage and collaborate.

Moreover, it lets you export your data at any time and integrate with third-party apps on your terms, like Zapier and Zoho Flow.



  • Dynamic Links by Device, OS, Language
  • Mobile app (iOS)
  • Zapier and other native integrations
  • Public API
  • Link masking
  • User Access for agencies
  • Great UI / UX
  • Analytics


  • There is no option to customize BLINK or create a custom domain, which means it may be problematic for agencies to establish a brand.
  • Also, there is a need for tooltips in UI/UX.


Rebrandly is a short URL online platform that helps organizations brand, track, and disperses custom-branded URLs. With Rebrandly's link management service you can track, brand, and share short URLs using a custom domain. In addition, It can be the cheapest and effective alternative to BL.INK


Bitly is a platform for link manipulation that lets you use your links to your advantage by shortening, sharing, managing, and analyzing your links. Yet, there are a lot of enterprise-level capabilities in the platform, making it a valuable asset for a company. It's easy to access and use reporting metrics. You can also create large URLs in bulk if necessary for a campaign.

Tiny URL:

One last competitor and alternative of BL.INK is TinyURL. TinyURL is easy to use, is pretty straightforward, and doesn't require any kind of registration. Moreover, It's also very fast at creating short links. It also offers a really great feature as a custom URL so it's easy to remember and not ugly looking.

Hence, this tool is your best bet for creating compelling short links that will gain you endless success with your customers. The price for this tool is $708, but AppSumo is offering it for $59 which is a lifetime offer for a limited period of time.

Final Verdict:

In short, we conclude that with BL.INK, you get the perfect URL shortener to simplify customer journeys, with customized routing and routing rules. Thus, your links can go anywhere and be served across languages and devices without errors. You also get robust analytics to show you real-time insights and engagement over time.