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Bloo.io Review – Project Management Tools For You

Bloo.io Review - Project Management Tools For You

Bloo.io ReviewBloo.io is a project management tools that cuts through the noise with boards, calendars, chats, and more.

Project management software helps project managers and teams meet client requirements while keeping within budget, time, and scope constraints. This business application has many advantages, especially if it is selected properly to suit its objectives.

Project management tools are expanding rapidly due to their functions, features, and support. They allow users and manages to do things quickest than manually working.

Many project management tools available on the internet, but not all have the same features. That is why choosing the best one might be a difficult task for beginners.

However, in today's post, we'll learn about Bloo.io. It is one of the best marketing and project management tools because it integrates all aspects of your business. So, if you're looking for a low-cost project management tool for your team, look no further. Bloo is for you because it's a perfect choice for your business.

Let's get started

What is Bloo.io?


A simple project management tool that enables employees to complete tasks quickly. Bloo is an excellent but straightforward project management software with KANBAN BOARDS, calendars, file sharing, T, and many more features. The discussion, activity feed, and notification feature won't overwhelm your inbox, and it is good for teamwork.

It keeps you up to date on all your projects' status in real-time, and everybody understood who is doing what and when!

Features of Bloo.io:


Bloo has impressive and versatile features. The tool is relatively easy to use, but it has features comparable to other tools.

Elegant Dashboard:

It provides a responsive design dashboard where you can display real-time metrics. The tool's main windows are the dashboard, which also shows you TO-DO items, tasks, and all recent activities on your created projects essential for you too.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface:

The Interface is so friendly! It's not like other management tools. It's easy to use. There are many colored options, and status can be seen. You can also hide the sidebar to have a full-screen, distraction-free view while broadcasting on the office TV. Simple touches like this are what make the tool easy to use.


Bloo serves multiple organizations from the customer dashboard, allowing you to manage your projects and client work in one place.

Project management:

Within Bloo, you can quickly build a new project… and it will become much simpler quite soon. It has pre-made templates in the library to add new project templates based on your needs and requirements.

Once you create a project template, your template windows will show you the relevant boards next time. The best part is that it has a template tutorials title "how to use this template" from there. You can open any template and follow the guidelines to create a new template.

Task management:

You can also easily manage tasks. It includes a to-do list. These checklists simplify the process. You can create one, two, or more, drag and drop their order, and then enjoy the satisfaction of labelling tasks as accomplished.

File Storage:

Team file sharing is an essential feature of collaboration tools. Bloo has it. You can also drag more than one file into tasks, including file size up to 5GB. That is impressive!!

If a file has also been uploaded, you can preview it from the File tab, enabling you to stay within the tool to ensure it is just what you want, close to Outlook or Dropbox.

When you upload a file, it continues to upload and although you navigate away from all of this, as with Google Drive.

Bloo Real-Time Updates and Data:

Bloo keeps you updated across all screens and sections. Everything tracked in real-time, and if someone makes any changes in any windows, you don't have to refresh the tab. You'll be notified if someone does so.

Calendar View:

One of the most significant features of Bloo is that it can work with calendars and see your tasks using a calendar. Bloo provides a calendar view. The calendar allows to add and drop tasks, extend dates, and add information.

Access Permission:

There are five different access levels: admin, member, the client (who would build new projects), comment only, and view only.

If you understand you want a user to do more, you can change the permissions at any time.


You will continue to work without having to log in to your computer. There are various applications available for download directly from Chrome, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

How Does Bloo.io Works?

Bloo supports several companies from the customer dashboard, allowing you to handle both your projects and client project in one place.

For example, you are working on internal work on your team's behalf and then works for customers. When you log in for the first time, you will see all of your recent projects and companies you are working with.

And at the same time, when you switch to the company work you want to look at, your dashboard will be converted to a company dashboard. You can see your team member and chat dots that show you who is online or not.

This presence management function is included in Skype and other collaboration tools. What makes Bloo unique is that they've been taken the best features of many other tools and combined them into one simple GUI. If you go all-in on Bloo, you may ignore another way of communicating with the team.


  • The whole tool is designed for usability from the ground up
  • Checklists within tasks help you delegate effectively.
  • make navigating your To-Do list easy
  • Cheap!


  • No resource management
  • No Gantt charts
  • No built-in reports

Pricing and Plans of Bloo.io:

The pricing structure. The license is $50 per month and also has different plans, which are listed below:

There as basically two plans, including Standard and Enterprise. The standard plan starts at $500 per year. It has numerous benefits, such as you can add unlimited users, projects and file storage. This plan made for all type of teams and businesses.

The enterprise plan specially made for large corporations and business. It starts at $10K per year and has impressive features, including unlimited users, projects and file storages.

Conclusion: Bloo.io Review

Bloo can quickly scale for your organization until advanced project management features such as capacity planning are required. Bloo has a low learning curve and would be a good match if you aren't a Silicon Valley-type who finds it easy to move complex software.