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Blurweb App Review 2021: Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing

Blurweb App Review 2021: Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing

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How many times have you been worried while sharing your screen for live meetings? How about recording your screen? You want to hide sensitive information when adding video content to your webpage, right?

Introducing BlurWeb App

As part of online privacy or internet privacy, you keep your financial, personal, and browsing information private when you're online. It has become an increasing concern that browsing history and personal data are potentially at risk when online.

It's common for people to underestimate how important their privacy is online, but they should realize how much information they are sharing – not just on social networks, but even in daily browsing.

It is just as important to value data privacy online as you do in the physical world. Therefore, you only share your financial information with your bank or have a private conversation behind closed doors.

Why You Use Blurweb?

Remember that everything is not free, whether you're downloading apps, using a "free" email service (like Gmail), or searching social networks like Facebook. Just by browsing a website, you give out personal information.

Because some people in your life know you better than others, online privacy is different for different platforms. Some websites and apps tend to store more information about you than others.

It is important to protect your privacy online for a number of reasons. It can be challenging to decide what information is collected by what companies and which companies are sharing that information.

Providing information to one company might be shared with another. You may not find it convenient for you to see targeted ads in the context of your search history. It is even more problematic when your information is sold from one company to another, or when your data is gathered and shared without your consent. It is ultimately identity theft.

With BlurWeb App Appsumo Lifetime Deal, we explain each and every aspect of the deal. We will examine every component of this recording tool in depth. If you are considering buying BlurWeb app make sure you read our comprehensive review.

What is Blurweb App?

blurweb app

Blurweb App lets you blur out sensitive information on a video screen so that only you can see what's being shown. This is great if you need to hide parts of your page from viewers. Using the blurweb app, you can take sensitive information off a video display while still being able to see what's on the screen. It's great for securing private sections of your site!

You can easily blur any confidential information in any video, blog, or website once you install BlurWeb chrome extension. You can blur sensitive information with just a single click with BlurWeb app when sharing your screen live or recording videos.

There's no need to worry about showing confidential data or violating the privacy of your guests anymore. Whether you're in public or not, all sensitive information on your screen can be blurred out using this amazing tool! Therefore, if you are a content creator more specifically a Youtuber, you can save a lot of time while editing your videos, as you can easily blur those portions on-screen and start Screen Sharing immediately.

Moreover, if you saved the blur, you'll be able to see it every time you visit that page.


blurweb app
lurweb app

Protects sensitive information on a webpage with just a click:

Using only a single click, you can hide sensitive information online without installing any software.

Add-on for Chrome and Firefox:

Blurweb is an excellent way to keep your information obscure. There is a Chrome extension as well as a Firefox addon.

Especially for bloggers, journalists, teachers, marketers, designers, and more:

Blurweb App is used by many different types of people. Bloggers, journalists, teachers, and marketers all will benefit from this application.

Blur Area on any page

You can draw a rectangle anywhere on the page and we will blur it while keeping it where you want it.

Reload the page or open the URL again to keep the blur

If you click Keep blur before you Blur any web elements with a single click or blur area, it will remain blurred even after reloading or reopening that URL.

How Does Blurweb App Works?

blurweb app

With this tool, you will find no more than 5 options (Select text, Keep the change, Blur select text, Clear all, Done). By clicking the first button you will select the text you wish to hide and then change it for the entire session so when you return to the page that part is blurred.

You can use the main option "Blur Select text" if you use this you can blur any text you have selected with just a single click. After you use this tool, if you want to remove the blurred portion, click "Clear all" and all blurred lines will be removed. Click "Done" to close the application.

Blurweb App extension is a simple means to blur sensitive information through a single click. It is also possible to keep blur so when you open the page next time it will already be blurred! It is very easy and quick to do that with Blurweb App Lifetime Deal within the video without having to edit it again. You can also keep the blur off to remain secure during the live video as well.



  • This is the easiest way to blur out elements on a live web page. It's just so easy!
  • Also, the extension is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Brave (all based on the Chrome OS).
  • You can use the effect on dynamic sites such as Facebook and WordPress (just refresh the page first).
  • Multi-tab support (you must click on the extension again when opening a new tab to blur the elements)
  • Support is available through the developer's website, just reach out
  • Chrome extension is great.


  • Quite laggy.
  • The extension found that people have issues with screen-sharing
  • Text is quite legible even when blurred (big text is still quite readable)

Alternative of Blurweb App


DataMask is an extension for the Chrome browser that helps users blur/scramble/edit/remove sensitive information from live websites before screenshots are taken. In addition, the DataMask extension integrates with a web image editor to mask data generated from screenshots after the fact.

With the DataMask extension, bloggers, journalists, teachers, marketers, designers, customer support agents, and online sales professionals can protect sensitive information on websites by quickly hiding sensitive data and recording video without exposing private information.


With BlurPage, you can hide sensitive information from your screen on Chrome and Firefox. The outstanding feature of this application is its accuracy in identifying both text and elements on the screen that should be blurred.


With Pixelied, you'll have access to a collection of professionally designed templates available in over 25 kinds of formats. In order to make your designs stand out, you can use tools like color palettes, a color picker, borders, shadows, and layers to customize the templates.

It only takes a few clicks to customize templates and you're done! Within minutes, you have a brand new design.

Pricing Plan:

blurweb app

The tool officially worth approximately $24 per month with a basic plan but our BlurWeb Appsumo Lifetime deal is great! You can get this tool starting with only Lifetime access for $17 along with upcoming plan updates. This plan also supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and all chromium.

BlurWeb App Lifetime Deal

blurweb app

Final Verdict: BlurWeb App AppSumo LifeTime Deal 2021

Have you ever hated creating videos from pages with sensitive information on them? Wouldn't it be nice to go back and edit the video to make sure private information wasn't accidentally leaked to the viewer? With BlurWeb app you can do this easily and quickly without having to re-edit any video before you use it. It also allows you to keep the blur safe during live video.

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