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Brilliant Directories Review 2021: Best Directory Software

Brilliant Directories Review 2021: Best Directory Software

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Owning a website isn't quite as easy as it seems and involves preparation, planning, and other procedures before the site can be launched and maintained.

Building a website requires you to do extensive research on how websites are built, how they work, the process involved, fees, as well as many other important aspects.

Even if someone with a deep understanding of programming and a passion for blogging can own their own website. It isn't something that the average person can do. There are plenty of reasons why website owners opt to hire service providers.

Since websites are constantly evolving and improving, you are better off hiring an expert to do the research, planning, and analysis for you today.

Taking advantage of online traffic to make a profit can be achieved through the use of business directories. When you add a directory to your existing niche site, though, or if you create a new site, it presents a great opportunity to further monetize your online assets.

Choosing which platform to host your directory depends on how you want it to be set up. Is WordPress the best tool for creating a directory site? Sometimes, not always.

You might be better off going with a dedicated directory solution if your site is only and always going to be a directory. Brilliant Directories, to be precise. As part of our effort to help you decide.

We're going to do a comprehensive brilliant directories review and compare it to some of the most popular WordPress directory plugins and themes. Among the most reliable companies for website maintenance, design, and update services is Brilliant Directories.

Let's begin

What is Brilliant Directories?

brilliant directories

Brilliant Directories is one of the better websites that help website owners and managers with their website maintenance, website design, building, exporting and importing, and many other things.

It enables website owners to manage their different websites in one place. Furthermore, it reduces stress on the part of website owners.

The Brilliant Directory is one of the few platforms available today to offer complete functionality without requiring the use of any additional plugins.

As well as managing single websites, it is also able to perfectly manage entire networks or collections of websites, providing regular updates as well as regular developments for each of the websites.

From the majority of their clients. Brilliant Directories frequently performs tasks such as uploading a logo for each website, designing a theme for a website, creating log designs for product branding, etc.

It does not matter what level of skill a client or customer has when it comes to programming, image editing, and other skills, all will be unnecessary when using their services.

Features and Benefits:

brilliant directories

Brilliant Directory is the easiest directory software. Brilliant Directories offers some of the most popular ideas for growing and developing thriving Internet businesses.

  • Find websites similar to a phone book created by people and companies. Members will be paid by website visitors.
  • One of the most popular ways to generate revenue is through review websites. Advertisers invest heavily in maintaining their online reputations in order to attract visitors to their sites.
  • You will have lifetime access to the Brilliant Directories website
  • You can choose the plan that's right for you without codes or stacking
  • Activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Future website updates
  • Upgrade/downgrade between 5 license tiers

How Does it work?

brilliant directories

Brilliant Directory is designed to be able to make almost any kind of directory site. There is a good chance that Brilliant Directories can help you organize and search for your topic.

Furthermore, Brilliant Directories can help you create Yellow Pages style listings as well as membership communities. If you are familiar with WordPress, you can easily set up directories or web pages using this platform. Here's how it works and what you can do with it

Website Builder:

Using the built-in page builder, you can create, edit, and manage your website even if you have no programming experience.

In order to customize your website, all you need is the visual editor, which uses the same principles as Microsoft Word. You can also create a more personalized experience by providing your own HTML and CSS code.

Themes & Directory

It offers user-friendly, professional directory themes. You can easily upload your logo, images, text, and other brand elements. Furthermore, all the themes are white-label – Brilliant Directory does not include its branding in the final product.

You can automate tasks, increase signups, and grow your revenue with the 60+ Brilliant Directories add-ons.

Adding Facebook chat functionality to your website, for instance, will make your business more accessible to visitors, and Google website translator will let your site be translated into any language.

Member Management

The platform’s membership privileges and restrictions are also praised in Brilliant Directories reviews. When the admin of a database has set their database up in accordance with the target audience's capacity.

They can then choose from 40 different ways to ask members for money. Whether you'd like a free monthly subscription, an annual subscription, or a semi-annual subscription, you can choose from multiple membership levels, each free

Publishing content

Almost any kind of content can be published with ease according to user reviews. Members don't need to worry about whether their content stands out in search engines thanks to the SEO Editor, regardless of whether it's a blog post, a photo gallery of products, or an artwork.

Tools for monetization

Through Brilliant Directory memberships, you can earn passive income while also generating recurring revenue. In order to increase revenue from advertisers, sponsors and members can place banner ads on their website or earn money through Google AdSense.

Why choose brilliant directories?

If you've been thinking about why to go with website design, maintenance, and customization, then the answer is simple.

It is so because Brilliant Directory understands what you need and can provide you with more than you experience yourself. They ensure that clients get what they want out of their websites, while also making sure that each website is competitive in the market and capable of driving traffic.

Additionally, they do not use logos or watermarks on their products. However, they are always interested in improving the performance of their products and keeping their clients happy to keep them loyal.



  • You can track your market share and progress with an online business directory.
  • It is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and brand awareness and to rank high in search engines.
  • Creating connections with businesses is also possible through a directory.
  • Platforms are very easy to create


  • The admin interface is a bit clunky
  • No free trial or free membership

Alternative of Brilliant Directories


MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that allows you to create an engaging membership site that integrates powerful and compelling elements of WordPress and WordPress plugins including content management, forums, and social sharing features.

It lets you manage, track and create membership memberships and sell digital products confidently.

MemberPress also provides powerful features such as giving and robbing access to postings, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital files based on what subscriptions or products your users have bought.

CM Business Directory

With the CM Business Directory plugin, you can create an online directory of local business listings on your WordPress site. You can create a local directory similar to Yelp, Yahoo, or Yellow Pages. Moreover, you can add descriptions, images, contact information, and much more to each location's own page!


As part of the YourMembership program, associations, nonprofits, and other member-based organizations can streamline administrative processes while delivering more value to their members.

Designed for small to mid-sized organizations, the cloud-based membership management software includes membership management, event management, e-commerce, payments, email marketing, an online community, and advanced dashboards.

Brilliant Directories Pricing Plans

Brilliant Directories is an essential tool for young entrepreneurs who plan to launch a business. It is also quite popular with web designers because of its easy-to-use tools and features. The Brilliant Directories normally cost $145.00, but AppSumo is offering it for just $89 for a limited period.

Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Final Verdict: Brilliant Directories AppSumo Lifetime Deal 2021

Investing in your website to ensure that it is a success is your best decision. You can engage your target market more effectively through a website, increasing the likelihood of sales and profits.

You can earn money by hosting leads that you can sell to other businesses using a business directory website.

It seems that Brilliant Directories is entirely focused on covering users' needs, from web design to membership management to monetization to customization. In the end, it could be a much smarter choice than many of its competitors since you could get more out of it than you would from a typical directory website.