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Email List Validation Review 2021: Does it Worth it?

Email List Validation Review 2021: Does it Worth it?

Email List Validation is quite time-taking and difficult tasks for generating leads. As we know, Email marketing is among the best and most common marketing campaigns used by marketers.

When you want to target a particular niche or influencers, this method is the most used. But what if your email does not make it to its expected inbox destination or invalid address?

This is a question that may come to your mind before sending an email.

We’ve got you covered here! Don’t worry. You’ve spent hours writing emails and creating templates. But your efforts, time and resource may waste if your emails don’t get delivered.

Deliverability affected by bounces and invalid emails in your lists, so you must have to confirm the list of email addresses.

Study shows that 1% of spam email on a list can reduce the delivery rate by 10% so that you could be blacklisted.

There are also a plethora of websites and online forums that need users to sign up or subscribe to reach their content. Although having a Valid email allows you to reach buyers. If you don’t have valid email addresses then you can’t reach them.

It also opens the door for a slew of spam and invalid email address to invade your inbox.

If you are not a business owner, then you could not think about it as your problem. But it’s only when you get a job, start working, and start using your email then you must be aware of this problem.

If you got this problem then Email List Validation is one of the best email validator and verification tools for you. Luckily in this article, we are going to review it.

Happy reading!

What is Email List Validation?

Email List Validation

Email List Validation is a great tool aimed to help businesses and individuals. It ensures that they send emails only to actual users or customers. The targeted email exists, and their emails will not consider as spam.

It helps users clean up and do email list verification. And also, increase deliverability by providing features such as email duplication, spam removal, risk validation, syntax eliminator, bounce and more.

Email List validation is the best tool among email verification tools. Also, it assists digital marketers to validate email lists to increase email deliverability for their email marketing campaign.

A significant part of this tool is that it validates the bulk email lists, such as TXT, CSV, and other formats.

Features of Email List Validation:

Email List Validation

Email list validation is a great tool and comes with unique features. These features highlighted below.

Email Duplication:

  • Deletes all records that have duplicate email addresses.

Spam Removal:

  • Erases all records that fit our intelligent spam-trap indicators.

Validation of the domain and the SMTP protocol:

  • The best part is that this platform scans ISPs and eliminates all emails with invalid, disabled, or parked domains.

Spam detector:

  • The best aspect is that the spam traps detect spammers without requiring you to do any work. They clean these traps to boost your credit score.

Disposable Emails:

  • Delete any garbage email addresses that you don’t want to spend your time on. The best thing is that you will find temporary emails to send future emails, which will help you achieve your goal.

Domain Checker:

  • This tool only recognizes domains that return valid email addresses for all emails. By avoiding them, you can raise your open prices. You can capture all your domains checker with this method.

Syntax Validator:

  • This tool also includes a syntax error validator. And, in this case, it and eliminates emails with invalid syntax. Besides, by integrating API, you can alert your website’s users in real-time.

MTA Validator:

  • Do you assume there is anything akin to an email server in charge of receiving email messages? Yes, indeed! They have advanced checks in place to verify all MX Documents. As a result, this is a dependable framework, to begin with.

Email Duplicates Removal:

  • The best thing is how you can now detect and delete all duplicate emails. You no longer have to waste credits on duplicate emails when sending the next campaign.
  • Use the email duplicate to delete all the duplicate emails without making any more efforts.

How Does Email List Validation Works?

Email validation works in a unique way than any other tools. It verifies each email address before sending. Whether an email address is valid and deliverable.

This program runs a process and catches typos, syntax and other validations. To, confirms that if the target emails address exists in a database or domain such as Gmail or Yahoo.

It eliminates and gets rid of all invalid, unused and hard bounce emails and ensures 99.99% uptime.


  • Real-time API validation
  • Affordable and straightforward to use.
  • Provides secure access controls.


  • Sometimes support doesn’t respond quickly


The Checker: This tool is an alternative to ELV; it is much more accessible and affordable. This email marketing tool designed for businesses to protect email sending and avoid inbox problems such as spam. It increases their sales opportunities.

Zero Bounce: Zero Bounce is a leading online email validation too. It helps businesses submit complex and high-volume emails to avoid deliverability issues.

Zoom Info: It is a growth acceleration tool that provides reliable and actionable contact and company information to the sales, marketing, and recruiting teams.

Pricing and Plans:

The best part is that Email list Validation doesn’t have complex plans, so you don’t have to confuse it. It is a cost-effective tool. Its prices and plans start at $4.00 for 1000 verifications and requiring only a one-time charge. As you pay and go the feature increase.

Email List Validation Lifetime Deal Price



For the price, the tool has the best features that are both powerful and efficient.

It solves every business problem and individuates. With its amazing features such as efficient blacklisting, whitelisting, verification, and much more. Email List Validation is an excellent tool at such as reasonable price, but if you can afford its plans as your business grows.