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Encharge Review in 2021 : AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Encharge Review in 2021 : AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Encharge Review

Encharge is a great tool for generating leads, do marketing automation, customizing emails, and other many tasks. Grab the AppSumo Lifetime Deal Now!!

When your business gets bigger, your workload increases. So sending custom emails out to all your customers is not a piece of cake anymore! At such a point, Encharge platforms come in and make your life so much easier.

Among the most competitive segments when it comes to SaaS tools are marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing. To succeed, you need a standout product that doesn't match the leaders but goes beyond them.

It doesn't matter if you're a small start-up or a huge corporation, there's a SaaS tool existing in the market. The market is vast and expanding, so there's always a pie for everyone with good products.

When you see a tool like Encharge that aims to take on the likes of Active Campaign. Hence it takes a lot of guts to make such a bold claim. Is it as good as it promises to be?

Well, let's find out in this review.

What is Encharge?


Marketing automation tool Encharge automates emails based on user behavior using an easy drag-and-drop interface. It also integrates with major CRMs. Encharge enables organizations to send automated email marketing campaigns.

It’s finally got your business noticed, so you’d like to offer individual attention to each client, unlike the endless family group text. But, you can’t keep sending out personal emails once the number of customers outpaces your fingers, so you need to get creative.

It is ideal for Startups, e-mail marketers, and website owners who want to nurture customer relationships with targeted email campaigns.

Encharge enables you to create user segments using live data from your website, product, marketing tools, and CRM. Data from your billing platform, order management software, appointment scheduling system and more can be incorporated into actionable campaign segments.

Send automated emails if people take a specific action on your site or inside your product. Encharge lets you send emails at critical moments in the user journey, like when they visit your pricing page when their free trial is about to expire.

By verifying each email address you add them to your contact list and outreach, the built-in email verifying feature improves deliverability and maintains your sender.

Encharge – Who is it for?

  • Startups want software that will help them improve their engagement and their email marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketers need software that assists them every day.

It is important for site owners to have an email tool that they can use to improve their engagements and strategies

Encharge Features

Encharge lets you segment users based on data from your website, product, marketing tools, CRM, and other sources.

  • Broadcasts – This allows you to create beautiful, unique newsletters that can be sent to your whole audience or to specific audiences. By doing so, you can increase your engagements.
  • Flow Builder – You can create user journeys with this feature, allowing you to go beyond emails to truly understand, map, and design your entire user journey.
  • Behavior Emails – This is a great way to engage users and increase revenue. It helps send targeted emails when people do certain things on the site or on the product page.
  • A/B Testing – You can using A/B Testing to increase engagement and revenue through the use of your broadcasts and flow.
  • Customization– It allows you to personalize your emails with dynamic content and merge tags. Additionally, you can deliver more sophisticated hyper-personalization with Liquid Tags.
  • Tracking Users – You can see how many users have logged on to your site, what pages they viewed, or their most recent activity.
  • User Segments: Users segments allow you to segments take user data from the app and your marketing stack and segment the users based on page visits, product usage, features, and email activity.
  • Lead Tracking and socring– You can also score users to find your best matches for your products or services. Also, this will help you to identify engaged users and track website, email, and product engagements. With the help of this feature, you can create mobile-friendly email templates without having to know HTML.

Encharge Benefits

This tool makes it possible to send emails, such as password reset links, payment confirmation emails, and single sign-on messages, from your app.

On all plans, you can also send emails to your contacts verifying their information.

With behavior-based emails, you can engage customers at critical moments in their customer journey. You can send out automated emails whenever people perform a specific action on your site or in your product.

It comes with a built-in email address verification, your deliverability goes up and your sender’s reputation remains strong by automatically verifying every email address you add to your list for clean lists and outreach.

A drag-and-drop visual journey builder lets you plan out everything the customer needs to do with ease. You'll also get native integrations with over 50 tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Slack.



  • Beautiful And Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Each Tab Loads Very Fast
  • The Search Bar Is Very Useful
  • Quick-start Onboarding Process
  • Drag And Drop Email Builder
  • Robust Features: Flows + Segmentation
  • Generous Contract Allowances / multiple domains


  • No e-commerce integration

Encharge Alternatives:


This tool is easy to use and manages many tasks with no effort. It helps you in growing yours. It provides many simple and easy solutions to engage and connect with your customers. ActiveCampaign enables you to deliver an optimized user experience by automating many tricky back-end processes. And communicating with customers across channels with INTEL-driven messages.


Another alternative is Encharge.io is Drip. It is also a marketing automation tool. This enables users to craft every engagement with leads, customers, and even all of those uses trial. It sends custom emails on the interaction and behavior of users by tracking their activities. It can do all tasks which Encharge can do, yet we can say that it is a good choice for marketers over Encharge.

Encharge Pricing


With Encharge, you can handle customer segmentation, personalize email outreach, and guide your prospects on every step of the consumer journey. The Encharge tool is $2148.00, but AppSumo is offering it for a low price for a limited time.

Encharge Lifetime Deal

Wrapping It Up – Conclutions

Encharge can improve your efficiency, ease of use, and smoothness in your business processes.

Besides, you can choose from three different packages, each with different subscriber limits, sub-account limits, and site tracking capabilities. The decision is yours to make. But if you don’t like it, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!