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How to Find a Business Category in Twitter

How to Find a Business Category in Twitter
find busines category twitter
Photographer: Claudio Schwarz | Source: Unsplash

There are two ways to find a category:

first, choose the category that is closest to what you are selling.

We will discuss this in more detail, but for example, if what you are selling is wedding dresses, you'd choose wedding dresses as a category. If it was, say wedding suites, then wedding suites would act as a category.

Another way to find a category is to go to the category that most closely matches the product that you are offering.

If your business is selling yoga mats, then you should probably choose that category.

I've researched a few different categories that are close to yoga: yoga Arizona, yoga mathematician.

Before you can create your business account, you need to create a name.

This is extremely easy to do. Just put in your Twitter name or your own name.

Try to use a personal and not a business name.

I reverse this to just my name because I see a lot of people making it harder for people to find my Twitter profile. In the end, this is up to you, but for this article, I will use my real name.

After you have entered your name and what you are selling, you can now create your account.

You'll see the follow button at the top of the page, just click that to start.

There are five sub-categories to the main page, which is your home page.

You first choose what category you want to list under.

In this example, we are selling premium Italian stick chairs, so I chose category rather than category.

List one or more categories from the drop-down menu and click "Add Categories" to see the various categories.

You will also see the list of existing categories and you can click on "Describe Category" to play around with it.

If you are selling a large number of questionable chairs like roll-and-call bars and stools, you may want to put this information at the bottom of the list instead of the first category.

The next step is to upload an image file to your computer.

I'm going to upload the Business category of a Balinese style by default because I am using Balinese styles for my car.

If you are right set, you can choose a smaller image because the smaller the size of the image, the faster the download, and everything will be done in much less time.

Locate the picture of the chair you want to upload by clicking on the "Browse" button at the top right corner.

Pick a different picture then upload it to your computer, go to the bottom and customize it?

Choose clothing and full-length, and that's it. Now it's on your screen for viewing.

If you want to change the name of the image you set, simply add a few words and then click "OK", and it will be changed for you.

You can choose to show the picture as a cover or mug if you want.

Customizing the image is very easy because your keywords will be automatically set after the image is viewed.

You can also choose a color for the image if you want. I know that there is already a tab that is designated as "colors" and it is complementary to the colors you can set on the page of code you will need to copy & past later to your HTML CSS file.

Once your image is on your screen, you can drag and drop it to the correct category.

Lastly, one word of advice: if you only have the business category of your image selected and it's a different category than the category where your business is already listed, then you may want to be careful which category you put your image in.

You may find a directory of that category that is already listed. It would look like this on the top of the screen.

That's fine, save it and scroll down to the lower tab, "Choose Categories", and edit it.

Your aesthetics and messaging will appear along with your listings.

Get started right away!