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FLowLU – Does it worth [Complete 2021 Review]?

FLowLU - Does it worth it [Complete 2021 Review]?

If your question is how FlowLu can help you in your business? then don’t worry we got your answer. Doesn’t matter you’re a small business owner or a multi-business owner, there will still be several activities going on every time. It could be a challenge to deal with so many problems at once and not let work become messy. That’s why it makes sense for companies to start using business management software to keep on top of things.

If you are a multi-business owner or even a small business individual. There are more than single tasks that are going on in your life. And you know very well about that, it is hard to deal with so many problems at one and not let your work become messy.

Nowadays, more and more organizations or businesses invest in business management software to do tasks, predict risks and increase performance.

If you run a startup or an enterprise, trying to manage so many things at once will take a toll on your sanity. That’s why you still need professional business management tools to help you glide through your day-to-day operations.

However, it is not wrong to say that business management tools have come a long way and keep making things much easier for everyone running any business.

There are many BMS (Business Management System) out there, but we’re going to discuss only the FlowLu article today. But this tool has almost everything you need to keep track of your business activities day to day, from messaging to billing at the end of the day.

To find out more, how FlowLu can help you in your business, keep reading till the end.

What is FlowLu?


FlowLu is cloud-based advance business management software. It offers various tools you need to manage your business by combining project management, social collaborations, sales and CRM for modern companies.

It also helps business managers track the activities of employees and to understand the problems. Customer bills, costs, and time can manage using FlowLu.

Also, the approach helps the organization to reduce costs and raise profits with minimal effort.

Features of FlowLu:


There are plenty of features amiable in FlowLu. The main highlight features are as follows

Effective project planning: the Gantt chart, phases, and tasks help organize complex projects into specific parts. Get more refined control over.

Manage projects:

Project templates provide a comprehensive visual overview of progress through project stages by showing a visual description of a sequence of phases for the current project.

It offers a high level of transparency that will help you understand your project’s status in real-time, Focus on work, and schedule work whenever possible.


Anyone working on the project will record their billable hours using the project timesheet.

Project Management Costs:

If you have a clear understating of your project costs, your project can be successful in that budget. Costs for complex projects can be confusing and daunting, so FlowLu will help you manage project management costs in a significant way.

Tracking Project Problem:

We know that management of project status is a clear log issue and time-consuming. Bugs, problems and other suggestion need to address at the delivery of the project. It keeps you alert by tracking project problems in real-time.

Activate your customers through the below projects:

The software helps you to generate invoices from your project. Its CRM customer data can insert into the invoice. All you have to do pick the right contact as your project customer.

User’s Tasks:

Users can track tasks that performed, log notes for meetings, and log messages for phone calls. Users can also delegate tasks to other team members.

Sales funnels were seen by reporting various colours at each point of the sales process. Users can generate custom invoices using FlowLu client data.

Collaboration Tools:

Resolve questions in real-time via chat, collaborate on your comments and keep up-to-date with the relevant updates.

How Does FlowLu Works?


This application is practical and has several features to ease the management of any organization. The use of this software within the organization has brought many benefits. Allows you to perform different tasks more, saves a lot of time, removing the need for follow-up supervision.

In addition, The working process of this tool is simple and easy. You can create a range of projects and workflows. Each project has different sections and labels to add other aspects, such as planning, design, review, testing, and maintenance tasks.

You also can keep track of each activity and the participation of a team. This tool’s main features are that you can keep track of all expenses, time tracking, funnels, and more.

It is a complete body of knowledge that the tool provides a document editor with the ability to publish posts on your website, social media sites or blog.

Through this software, you will oversee the vast majority of the company’s operations. It makes it possible to track the behaviour of workers and customers almost.


  • Allows users to plan and automate business tasks.
  • Cloud-based customer knowledge.
  • It keeps track of all my company’s sales and expenditures.
  • Include an Instant Management Mobile Application.
  • It’s built-in with the CRM.


  • Free version available only for small businesses, including 2 Team members.
  • No integrations or implementations of VoIP.


Competitors are everywhere, FlowLu also has competitors on the list. You can also check out their plans and features.


The best tool is the one that the team already uses, and Monday.com comes with built-in addiction. Teams today need the opportunity to work together. Plan and execute in the exact location.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales hub is another powerful and easy to use CRM tool that provides price-to-price features, engagement and management tools, comprehensive sales analytics at a reasonable price. It is a good alternative that used for Flowlu.

Pricing and Plans:

FlowLu pricing plans with robust features can help to jump-start your collaboration efforts. It’s super easy to use & free plans available! Professional tools and apps for collaboration in one single place.

Free Trial:


  • Upton 2 Users
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Agile Projects (Scrum)
  • Project Expense & Revenue
  • Cloud CRM
  • Lead & Contact Management

Team: $29/month:

  • Up to 8 Users
  • Recurring Task & Task
  • Templates
  • Task Checklist & Observers
  • Tasks In a Project Template

Business: $59/month

  • Up to 16 Users
  • Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Agile Projects
  • CRM Duplicates Control
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Project Cash Flow Forecast
  • External Knowledge Base
  • Each plan has its features and supportability.

Lifetime Deal Appsumo – Flowlu


In conclusion, No matter how big or small or company you run, FlowLu might be the best deal for you. This Business Management System tends to include all the functionality at a fair price. It is a comprehensive project management programme that offers powerful tools to maximize operations to achieve the desired results.

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