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15 Of The Highest Paying Gig Economy Jobs in 2021

15 Of The Highest Paying Gig Economy Jobs in 2021

Highest Paying Gig – With the growth of the gig economy, there are many different ways to earn a living.

The list below features 15 of the highest-paying gig economy jobs.

The list was compiled by the freelance jobs website, Upwork.

  • A physician’s assistant is in very high demand and can earn an annual salary of $95,000. A web developer can earn up to $90,000 per year.
  • A freelance journalist can earn $75,000.
  • A digital marketing consultant can earn up to $50,000 per year.
  • A freelance designer can earn $85,000 per year.
  • A freelance writer can earn $45,000 per year.
  • A photo editor can earn $79,000 per year

We’re just catching our breath after an exceptionally challenging year and we’ve come to some harsh realizations, even if you’re great at your job, there is no job security if you only receive income from one avenue.

The consequences can be severe. Reinventing yourself is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Gig workers know all about this lifestyle. And that’s why today we are sharing 15 of the highest paying gig economy jobs.

TaskRabbit: Highest Paying Gig

Highest Paying Gig

If you’re looking for a site that can cater to every skill imaginable, then we recommend TaskRabbit.

This site is owned by IKEA. So one service you can be guaranteed to get is getting your IKEA furniture assembled.

If you’re not good at assembling furniture, then you can offer lawn mowing, cleaning, running brands, prescription pickups, and even basic tasks like hanging framed pictures.

Apartment therapy describes it as one of the biggest players in the gig economy, where people can offer their time and services as house cleaners, movers, furniture, assemblers.

Wages range from 20 to 40 dollars an hour, depending on the task

Online personal tutor: Highest Paying Gig

Highest Paying Gig

If you’re a parent, you might have been lucky enough to have an online tutor during lockdown that literally saved your life.

Let’s face it, we’re not all cut out to be teachers, and teaching one’s own children can prove to be challenging, to say the least.

There are many fields that people can choose to teach in online and you don’t need to be an experienced teacher to do it.

Some sites do require certain qualifications like VIP kid and data.

But then there are other sites like Campbell that don’t require qualification.

It goes further than simply teaching someone to speak English. If you’re a seamstress, you can offer online sewing classes.

If you’re a chef, you could offer online cooking classes. You get the idea. Rates vary from ten dollars an hour, right up to twenty-five dollars an hour and more.

Telehealth provider: Highest Paying Gig

Highest Paying Gig

Health care providers have worked tirelessly this past year and being on the front line has played havoc on their physical and mental health.

Many health care workers have turned digital. Some have started blogs and provided information online to those cautious of heading to a medical facility.

While some others have offered virtual appointments, psychologists, nurses, doctors, and even dietitians are cashing in on this unique opportunity.

It’s a more affordable and safer way to ensure that patients stay healthy and that their health care providers remain safe.

Depending on the industry, the earnings can differ, but on average, this line of work will earn about thirty-one dollars an hour.

Vehicle supplier: Highest Paying Gig

Highest Paying Gig

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home, especially during covid, you probably have a vehicle sitting in your garage not getting much mileage and certainly not making you any money.

Why not rent it out to someone who’s keen to do a driving gig but doesn’t have a car? Many ridesharing companies have drivers willing to work, but they don’t have a vehicle, and that a Lexus is where you come in.

If you’re covered with a one million dollar insurance policy, your vehicle could earn you income every single day. You just need to drop it off at a predetermined place and collect it again. At the end of the day, this could bring in as much as 1000 dollars a month.

Hendaye, Lexa’s check out companies like Tahoe, get around and hire car

Computer buffs for hire

Photographer: Christopher Gower | Source: Unsplash

covid has really shown us who is tech-savvy and who isn’t. We’ve seen it in our Zoom meetings. When people turn themselves into a potato or landing up in the wrong meeting and another continent, or not knowing how to mute themselves during a call. And those are minor issues. We don’t even need to go into the major tech issues because we’ve all encountered them and we know it causes major anxiety and stress.

Bring in the computer buffs. Their average rate of thirty-five dollars an hour is well worth every cent. If it means we can be up and running and turning ourselves into potatoes in no time flat.

Online Seller: Highest Paying Gig

Photographer: Patrick Tomasso | Source: Unsplash

We’re not referring to ecommerce for this one, although we stay right there because e-commerce is super profitable, but takes a bit more time to set up online sellers and sell anything from make up old mobile phones to upscale furniture and creative homemade items.

Depending on what you sell, you could be earning anything from ten dollars to one hundred dollars. Flipping items can also be profitable. You could bid on an online auction, grab a storage unit for next to nothing and sell the contents off one by one. If something is broken, have it fixed and sell it for a tidy profit. You’re not limited in what you can do with this one, and if you’re looking to make much bigger money, then spend some time setting up your e-commerce site.

We recommend Shopify. They offer great services and tools to make your dream website a reality. Go to a lock stock sell and get two weeks of premium service for free.

Care for pets and children: Highest Paying Gig

Photographer: Roberto Nickson | Source: Unsplash

People will always have children and they will always have pets. And that’s why going into anything kid or pet-related is a winner. Pet Pedia Dotcom states that the U.S. pet industry reached 99 billion dollars in 2020. They broke it down into the foremost profit.

Areas pooper scooping business, 40 dollars an hour animal blog, the revenue depends on the topic. You choose dog clothing. Americans spend almost 52 billion dollars on pet accessories and pet grooming between 50 and three hundred dollars an hour. If these are not for you, simply walking a dog can earn you around fourteen dollars an hour. And then there are the children who are not able to return to school yet because of covid. They also require care and exhausted parents also need a night out occasionally.

So child sitting services are in demand. This can vary, but on average it’s around seventeen dollars an hour.

Proofreader: Highest Paying Gig

Photographer: Thought Catalog | Source: Unsplash

Have you ever read a novel and you picked up on several spelling errors? Doesn’t it drive you a little bit crazy? Proofreading is such an important part of publishing and often articles, journals and books could use at least by proofreaders. This is true for website owners, journalists, content creators and basically any business that will publish written words, spelling, and grammatical errors that make you and your business look bad.

So rather employ a couple of proofreaders. And if you love reading and have a good feel for the language, you could earn eighteen dollars an hour.

Storage host

Photographer: Mak | Source: Unsplash

Every gig economy list will suggest Airbnb, couch surfing, or something similar. But many people cannot stand the thought of having strangers in their space. However, if you do have some extra space, you can still make money from it. Why not offer a storage facility for people? Perhaps you have an extra garage which you can rent out or a massive yard.

You can store a boat or a camper van. If you live in a busy city and have a room available, you could consider renting it out as an office space. That way you only have people in your space during work hours. Here are some places to check out neighbor peer space and store at my house. Earning potential will differ depending on what you’re offering and Luxor’s. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more great suggestions to earn income and stay up to date with current affairs

Mobile massage

Photographer: Oleg Magni | Source: Unsplash

a phrase we’ve heard ad nauseum since covid-19 is in the comfort of your own home, and it’s a phrase that many have grown to despise. However, since we’re still in the thick of the crisis, it looks like the comfort of our own home is the safest place to be.

That’s why you can now offer at home massages to people in the comfort of their own home. Set up costs are minimal and return is pretty good, with estimated wages around 60 to 65 dollars an hour.


What we love about this option, is you don’t need to own your own stuff to start selling. Check-in with your friends and family and find out who has items they’d like to sell. People are so busy they’d be happy to get you to sell it on their behalf.

You could make between 40 and 60 percent per item sold. Working as a middleman isn’t so bad when you’re making the money. If your home all day and it’s easy for people to come and view, collect or pay for the items, you could increase your monthly earnings by a significant amount. And we’ve got several great tips for you if you’re working from home.

Course creator

Photographer: Dylan Gillis | Source: Unsplash

It’s possible you’ve been teaching for ages and you just want to hang up your teachers’ cap for a while, but you still need money. So here is an option for you. Create your own course. Maybe you’re not even a teacher, but you’re fluent in German and Chinese. Why not put together some sort of courses that teach Germans how to speak Chinese? Hey, Luxor’s, you can create a course on any topic. Just find one.

Become a P.A

Photographer: FilterGrade | Source: Unsplash

You could join an app like Post meIt’s, which differs from places like GrubHub or Uber eats because it doesn’t just focus on food deliveries. This app allows drivers to deliver anything to you, whether it’s office supplies, phone chargers, or a pair of sneakers you left at the tennis club. You become a P.A. or a personal assistant to anyone that hires your service. And if you join the post meit’s fleet, you’ll be eligible for some great perks, including keeping 100 percent of your tips and earnings, which you can retrieve at any time.

There is no two-week waiting period for the money to clear everything is provided to make the job easier except the car. But don’t worry because you could just rent that out from another gig economy.

Job provider

Photographer: Ben White | Source: Unsplash

It’s all very well to have so many options available to us to make some extra money, but if you’re not able to shine from the outset, you might struggle to get to work through these portals. Many online sites do require a CV, and you may have never had to give out your CV before.

It’s better to be prepared and have one handy should you get asked for it. If you need help in this department, there’s plenty available online and if you can provide this service, then you’ll easily earn up to thirty-seven dollars an hour.

Earn money from dispensing advice

Photographer: Frame Harirak | Source: Unsplash

If you’re an expert in your field, you could earn some extra cash by answering questions specific to your field of expertise with sites like just answer experts one, two, three and wonder you could answer questions that pay you just answer pays an average of two thousand dollars to seven thousand dollars a month as they explain on their website.

From divorce lawyers to dog vets to Maytag techs and Mercedes mechanics. If you have the professional expertise, then you can earn cash on just an answer. And if you’ve given yourself the title of Mr know all.

Please note that is not a qualification that entitles you to join a site like this.

So what gig economy job do you do? We would love to hear from you in the comments. Maybe you could share your ideas with the community and help them out.

Now you stuck with us until the end. Of course, you know, we’ve saved a bonus for last. knows we’re about working smart, not necessarily hard. And in the gig economy, the winning job is the one you do once and get paid for over and over again.

You could create a piece of background music and sell it online. You could design and embroidery design and have customers download it at five dollars a pop.

What about writing an e-book or designing a beautiful font that people purchase?

There are so many options available.

Just find your niche and do it well.