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NeuralText AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $59 | AppSumo Review 2021

NeuralText AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $59 | AppSumo Review 2021

Review NeuralText AppSumo

Looking for a NeuralText AppSumo LifeTime deal? If yes then look no further. You came to the right place.

While many solutions available exist to serve a variety of purposes, few of them are ideal for today's terms and conditions, which are more complicated than simple keywords.

For years, our experience has allowed us to create various custom tools for specific tasks. In creating the Custom Content Management Tool.

We need to explore the potential of the latest (NLP) Natural Language Processing models. and simplify the way in which writers create a piece of content based on SERP data.

NeuralText is a simple tool for investigating search engine results pages and will help your team create better content. Since we built it right away – no unnecessary features – we allowed it to compete with AppSumo every week.

The opportunity this week in AppSumo offers entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers the opportunity to expand their marketing. Likewise, NeuralText AppSumo is available this week on AppSumo.

With that stated, in this article, we will examine NeuralText AppSumo Deal in depth. and also see whether it is certain that you should buy its contract or not.

Following SEO guidelines in your writing is important, which is why you have to use a professional optimization tool.

‍We explore all the features and options of NeuralText AppSumo in detail at the end of the article so you don't miss out.

What is NeuralText?

Review NeuralText AppSumo

The NeuralText uses artificial intelligence to analyze various factors. Such as SERPs, find insights, and generate the copy for your site, automating the writing process. NeuralText will take care of your content creation workflow from off-the-cuff brainstorming to generation.

NeuralText AppSumo gives you an outline based on what your competitors are writing about in a concise, easy-to-read format. Not only that, but the tool returns a complete list of questions that your audience is asking.

With NeuralText, you can also create engaging and informative content that ranks higher in search engines.

Using the Keyword Research feature, you can access search volume, trends, and competition. By finding unique keywords and phrases for your content, you can actually boost your SEO.

Smart Copy is another amazing feature! Further, It allows you to generate tons of creative copywriting ideas by clicking a button.

Smart Copy includes tools for every copywriting need, including blog posts, blog idea outlines, blog ads, copywriting formulas, and much more!

NeuralText AppSumo Features:

NeuralText AppSumo

Using the NeuralText tool, you can upload a list of keywords and use the Cluster Feature to find groups of terms that are similar that should be included in the same content.

SERP Analysis:

It lets you analyze every SERP and extract valuable insights from your competitors' organic content, including topics, questions, and outlines.

AI-Text Generation:

You can easily generate text for your digital marketing campaigns and blog posts using the latest neural networks.

Best for Digital Marketers:

Besides, it is perfect for Copywriters, Bloggers, Journalists, and SEO Strategists who aim to boost content and performance. In addition, Clearscope and Topic will be the best alternatives to this software.

Easy to read Neural Writing:

NeuralText AppSumo lifetime deal uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the tool gives you a concise, easy-to-read summary based on what’s most important. NeuralText also boasts a Content Grader that checks how well your content is performing.

Keyword ideas:

Use the Keyword Research Tool to find relevant keywords for your content. You can discover search volume, trends, and competitiveness so that you get unique keywords.

Real-Time Content Optimizer:

The Content Grader analyzes real-time content, enabling you to revamp old content and drive organic traffic.

Smart Copy:

The tool's Smart Copy feature allows you to generate tons of new ideas just by pressing a button.

How Does NeuralText Work?

It can be easier to write words and sentences that are entertaining and engaging to readers when using Neuraltext software.

Neuraltext can help you automate your content production so you produce more and better content. You just need to sign up on the site, and the dashboard will be right there for you.

It is difficult to hire and find people in the workforce that have the writing skills and experience necessary to write a great piece of content, especially since they're difficult to find in the labor market.

Content marketing is hard and time consuming. Long form writing is challenging for marketers. Neuraltext helps you create content that is truly unique, with artificial intelligence (AI) to research keywords, write, edit, and publish.



  • Keyword clustering + AI content + Correlational SEO
  • the AI content generator
  • perfect to write the post
  • There are a lot of options to choose keywords including a Cluster option.


  • UX and UI need improvement
  • The workflow, sometimes, is not so much intuitive
  • The design of the keyword cluster report could be better
  • Keyword research without difficulty

Alternative of NeuralText At AppSumo:


One of the best SEO writing tools, and one of the top SEO writing tools used as NeuralText replacement is Clear-Scope. Clearscope offers a solid balance of features and affordability that a growing company or medium-sized company will find valuable.

Make sure you give Clearscope a try if you're looking for a single tool you can use to improve your content strategy and to write content that ranks better!

Article Insight:

Content managers and inbound teams who interested in understanding what tools competition is using and looking to maximize traffic potential of their blogs, will find Article Insight useful.

This tool finds the top 25 keywords for each article. Users can decide which keywords to target for optimal ranking and clarity. It even indicates when a user is overusing keywords in an article.


The topic finder will help you identify good topics to write about that have plenty of traffic but are no longer difficult to rank well for. The editor will help you boost your posts in an intuitive way. Highlighting before used keywords and showing them in a separate column is fantastic.

With basic formatting functionality, you can create content within topic and then paste it into your blog software without having to reformat everything.

Pricing Plan Review: NeuralText AppSumo

With that, you can create awesome content and boost SEO, while also publishing your posts to the web in record time. Actually, the price of NeuralText is $1200, but AppSumo offers a deal for only $59. This discount is for a limited time only.

Final Verdict: NeuralText AppSumo LifeTime Deal 2021

In short, The writing process is often a frustrating one, and writers can find themselves stuck in a creative slump or just a writer's block.

By using NeuralText AppSumo It is possible to come up with words and sentences that are more compelling and engaging to readers. You can use the free trial to see if this is for you. Regardless of your skill level, this is a great tool that will greatly simplify the writing process.