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Pixelied – Best Tool for Designers [Comprehensive Review 2021]

Pixelied – Best Tool for Designers [Comprehesive Review 2021]

Pixelied ReviewPixelied is a free online graphic design tool that can be used to design social media posts, business cards, blog graphics, and more. Designers and digital marketers are constantly on the lookout for new design concepts for their clients and websites. One of the first things you’ll notice about graphic design is that it’s not as simple as it appears.

One of the essential and first things you’ll see about graphic design is that it is not as simple and easy as many people think, and it appears. It is also to be said that many tools help us meet design needs, though not everyone is creative and expert enough to use them.

As these tools are not always easy to use. We can take Photoshop as an example of it. It is one of the best top design industries, but it has a steep learning curve.

It’s difficult when you’ve spent all of your money on Black Friday deals and then come across a lifetime deal on a graphic design tool.

You cannot simply pass up the once opportunity and later regret it. Pixelied, a design tool, will be reviewed in this article. Pixelied is the ideal application for you. Pixelied, like Canva and Crello, is a new tool. It enables you to create beautiful image posts for your blogs, social media, and other platforms.

It allows you to create the design and create attractive images or posts for your blogs and social media. So, let’s look at more details about Pixelied Lifetime Deal to see if it’s worth investing your money in.

What is Pixelied?


Pixelied is a free online graphic design tool that can be used to design social media posts, business cards, blog graphics, and more. Pixelied is another excellent tool for social media posts, business cards, blog graphics, and a lot more.

A simple drag-and-drop function simplifies the use of thousands of templates, ranging from social media graphics to full presentations. It is to say that it is effortless to use just like Canva or Crello. You can design everything that you need except for videos.

Features of Pixelied:



If you design all of your projects under one roof, you will waste a lot of time looking for templates. It is critical to segment your work, mainly if you are working on several projects simultaneously.

Pixelied allows you to build different workspaces for different brands and projects. A diverse team can manage each workspace.

Advanced Editor:

The Pixelied editor allows you to pick any design template and edit it in seconds. For its advanced technology, it is quicker than most other design tools. Because of the editor’s simplicity, it is also ideal for non-designers.

Background Removal:

It has background removal features itself. It not only improves the clarity of your pictures but also allows you to add a new backdrop to them.

It is, however, a difficult job to do it manually because it requires time, experience, and a good eye. Pixelied’ s Background Remover makes it possible in a matter of seconds.


Pixelied is here to help if you want to design a poster, a book cover, or a social media post but doesn’t have the expertise to make it attractive. Hundreds of ready-made models, ranging from blog designs to social media graphics, can be found in their ever-expanding template library. More templates are needed.

Stock Images:

The best part is that it has thousands of stock tuning, captivating, and eye-catching photos available on the internet; it can be tempting to use them for a personal or professional project. Many of these pictures have copyright notices attached to them.

Illustrations and Icons:

You can scan for and add icons from Iconfinder or SVGrepo in real-time, complete with colour changes. They also have an expanding library of creative illustrations that you can use to build that unique branding style that has recently become popular.

How Does Pixelied Works?


When you first start using Pixelied, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But don’t be misled! Because we’ll walk you through every step of getting started with Pixelied.

The user interface is straightforward and quick to grasp. You can spend just a little time finding out how to use it for the very first time. It has a fantastic interface, and you know it is for you, especially if you are not designed, but you will use it.

To get started, you’ll need to build an account and log in, just as with any other SaaS tool. You may sign up for an account by going to Pixelied’s homepage and choosing another free or premium plan.

PROS and CONS of Pixelied:


  • Includes a wide range of pre-made and built-in templates. You can use them for your designs.
  • It has a vast archive of millions of stock photos and icons that can be used for commercial and personal purposes.
  • The easy to use and simple interface lets you create design-specific graphics for YouTube channel art, Instagram Stories and more.
  • AI background removal allows you to remove the background from any image in and out of the editor.
  • Let’s you take complete control over your design, allowing you to play with fonts, colours, elements, and more
  • Workspaces promote collaboration with other team members by allowing you to coordinate and manage several tasks in one venue easily.
  • More than 700 hand-drawn drawings in a range of styles and categories are included in the tools.
  • Customer service is as sensitive as the tool itself and cares deeply for its customers.


  • The tool is included with the paid plan and can only be used a few times per month because you get 10 credits per month.
  • It has minimal features because it only works for images; there is no support for video or animation.




Canva is a more refined platform in general, with far more models and built-in icons. It has missing features that Pixelied has, such as influential mockup designer, bg removal, and even drop shadows or icons.



It’s an excellent platform for quickly creating shareable videos for social media, which Pixelied still lacks. Pixelied, on the other hand, is a little easier to work with, and Crello, like Canva, removes the Mockup feature.

Pricing and Plans:

  • The tools have two different pricing plans. The first one is Free and doesn’t include premium features but support unlimited downloads and 5M+ stock photos.
  • Pro plans offer almost everything. You can access unlimited stock photos, library, template, and five workspaces for only 9$ per month.

Pixelied Lifetime Deal

Conclusion: Pixelied Review

The truth is that there is no definitive answer to whether Pixelied should be preferred over its competitors in the design space. What works for one individual might not work for another because everybody has different graphic design preferences and requirements.

So, what’s the verdict? Pixelied is an excellent tool for creating graphics, and the extensive library of templates and icons makes it even easier. However, there are certain constraints. If your project includes animations or sound, you’ll quickly discover that Pixelied does not have such features.