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PromoRepublic Review – All in One Social Media Manager

PromoRepublic Review – All in One Social Media Manager

PromoRepublic is all in one social media manager that make you more easy to creating contents and schedulings for social media posts.

A couple of things in marketing require more precision than social media. With time, the number of social media platforms has grown, and none of us wants to log in to each site and promote content every time.

Isn’t it ideal if you could create content in one location and promote it across various platforms? Both at the same time!

PromoRepublic is another tremendous social media management tool and solutions provider for agencies, freelancers, and small businesses. It allows them to build and manage their content more effectively from the dashboard.

Its content library includes more than 1M+ templates and content recommendations that are relevant to your target audiences. Also, it has included a built-in graphic editor and an AI scheduling tool.

With so many social media marketing managers available, such as Hootsuite and Schedule, determining which is best for you can be difficult. To decide which you need, you must first learn more.

In this analysis, we’ll look at PromoRepublic’s key features as well as those of its rivals to help you determine if their software is right for you.

Let’s Get Started!

What is PromoRepublic all about?


PromoRepublic is a social media marketing and content management tool for small businesses, agencies, and even individual starter. You can use this tool to distribute editable content and schedule your posting time using AI features. Along with these tools, it will also allow you to run local ads, manage multiple clients and stay on top of the results.

It supports businesses of all sizes, from small to large, from agencies and freelancers to franchise owners and multi-locational brands. It allows users to manage and share posts across all major social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest, which is critical for such a visual app.

You could even set up a posting schedule for various types of posts. PromoRepublic suggests a posting schedule for each of your social networks. Still, you can easily change this to meet your needs.

Each social account can have its own country and time zone, which is especially helpful for agencies and freelancers who manage social accounts for others.

You can coordinate your posting schedules by using a centralized calendar. The program is very flexible.

You can personalize it by showing your content (both past and planned) and adjusting the frequency in which it is shown (weekly, monthly, or on a specific day). A calendar of upcoming events is also available. The amount of designated days in a year is incredible.

Features of PromoRepublic:


Content Organizer

This is the primary feature of PromoRepublic. You can browse their collection of 100,000 beautiful visuals with preloaded headlines created by PromoRepublic’s talented team of designers and writers.

It has almost everything you need to create posts, including different niches such as marketing, beauty, health, and a lot more.

Event Calendars

Its event calendar includes more than 3K+ post ideas that keep updating each day. You will also be given suggestions such as celerity holidays, historical dates, and other ways to diversify your content.

Image Editor

The Graphics Editors make it simple to create stunning images from scratch—no design experience needed! You can upload the photos you want to use and use other elements such as logos, banners, and fonts. From there, you can start editing to craft everything.


It has a calendar which is a time-saving tool to use. Time Slots and Autopilot are probably some of the best features. Its AI system predicts the best time for posting, recommendations of content types and makes every job much more accessible than everyday tasks.

Collaboration tools

It makes team members, agencies, and multiple businesses collaborate easily. Its workspace allows you to set goals, access, manage pages, and creating post schedules.

Mobile App

The tool has a supported mobile app available for both Android and iOS. It isn’t perfect, and you won’t be able to replace your laptop with a smartphone.

How Does PromoRepublic Works?


PromoRepublic is an ideal social media content creator and posting tool for businesses, digital marketers, and various industries. It includes ready-to-publish content with templates in over 20+ different categories, including hotels, health, beauty, automotive, sports, fitness, home, travel, electronics, and educations.

No matter what type of social media content you need, such as polls, promotional content, interesting facts, motivational content, etc. PromoRepublic has the read-made template before publishing. It saves your efforts and time when it comes to managing your social media accounts and posts.



  • 1M+ visual templates and ideas.
  • Graphics Editor
  • Content approval flow
  • Scheduler
  • Easy to use tool and Affordable
  • Mobile app
  • Facebook RO
  • Scheduling posting using AI


  • Limited functions in the mobile app.
  • Limited analytics and reports
  • No direct posting on Instagram
  • Limited features for professionals

Comparison of PromoRepublic:

PromoRepublic is typically compared with two software, Buffer and Sprout Social. Both are excellent tools for great social media strategy, but their focus is slightly different. Similarly, neither is as relatively inexpensive as PromoRepublic, making them unsuitable for freelancers and small businesses.


Buffer organizes and distributes content along all your social media channels. It’s quick and easy to be used, reasonably priced, and excellent for driving traffic and increasing audience engagement.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another excellent tool for social media management, analytics, customer successor, and marketing. They work collaboratively with larger digital agencies and major brands to develop successful and one-of-a-kind campaigns from start to finish.

However, this robust functionality comes with a price, with plans starting at $99/month.

Pricing and Plans:

PromoRepublic offers different paid plans. These plans work after a 14-day trial of the Starter Package but also include other plans.

  • Solo, $9/month – It includes 3 social profiles, 0 team members, excludes Pinterest 100,000+ post ideas library, smart posting, graphics editor, and basic post statics and more.
  • Standard, $49/month – Includes 10 social profiles, 1 team member, and 100,000+ post ideas.
  • Professional, $99/month – It includes 30 social profiles, 15 team members/clients, 30 social profiles, and 15 members for $49, 100,000+ post ideas.

PromoRepublic Lifetime Deal

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Conclusion: PromoRepublic Review

If you work in social media marketing, you know how important it is to have an excellent social media management tool. Perhaps you’re going to think about using PromoRepublic? PromoRepublic is a social media management platform that claims to help users create and manage content more effectively from a single dashboard.