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Run The World Review 2021: AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Run The World Review 2021: AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Run The World Review 2021

Looking for Run The World Lifetime AppSumo Deal 2021? If yes then you are in the right place


Being able to convince someone to attend a virtual event is easy, like trying to persuade someone that orange is the best flavor of Starburst. As a host, you’re always wondering how many people will sign up for your virtual event and stick around.

So you tried several tricks, campaigns, surveys, and much more. But you didn’t get so much response. In case if you get it, then there are few people there. But we are happy to help you by getting more people in your virtual event with the superb AppSumo deal.

Run The World is the easiest way to conduct virtual events that connect, entertain, and inspire. The complete virtual event framework lets you cover all aspects of organizing a virtual event. Such as registration, ticketing, host, payment, community, recording, and more.

The unique feature of Run The World is the possibility of discussions in the audience, unlike normal one-way video conferencing or webinars. This distinguishes it from similar software.

In addition, this will enable attendees, to make their experience engaging, to take part in the Quarterly Interactive Networking and Conversation. In this AppSumo Deals Review, we will explore Run The World in detail.

So, Let’s get started

What is Run The World?

Run The World

Run The World is the essential tool for connecting, inspiring, and entertaining virtual events. It is perfect for marketers, community leaders, and event organizers. And for those who commit to hosting events that participants will want to be part of.

Besides, Run The World allows attendees to discuss topics of interest and meet with others in small groups of between three and eight people.

It covers everything in virtual events from A to Z, including registration, ticketing, hosting, emails, payment, community, recordings, and more. It’s accessible via URL, so you don't have to worry about attendees running into login or download issues.

Attendee attention is harder to maintain when everyone’s on a screen. We make it easy for folks to take part in each other’s conversations or raise questions to live with our Grab the Mic feature.

Run The World lets you make your events memorable by taking a Groupie—that's a group selfie—in the photo booth. You can also stand out from the mass of Zoom calls by adding intro music, polls, stretch breaks, and sponsor shout outs.

Run The World Features:

Run The World

Here are some amazing features of the Run The World AppSumo lifetime deal:

  • Access to the music resource library. You can include it in the event marketplace.
  • Messages between attendees and community
  • 3 sessions are allowed per event.
  • Branding color
  • HD recording feature & you can charge for recording
  • An event report that includes details such as participant demographics, engagement, etc.
  • Registration and ticketing management
  • There are several ways to remove the watermark from recordings.
  • Refund policy: You get your money back within a 60-day period.
  • Breakout (topic-based breakouts)
  • A single, multiple, or parallel session can be run.
  • This software will also include a lead generation survey tool.
  • View the results of the poll, chat log, and attendee list.
  • Multiple stages
  • Use call-to-action functionality to boost sales during events
  • Customize color scheme
  • Cocktail Party (up to 3 rounds)
  • Round Table small group discussions
  • Chat and email event participants

How Run The World Works?

All things considered, Run The World works like other tools you can use to host virtual meetings. It gives you the option to invite attendees to take part in the conversation or have live Q&A using the Grab the Mic feature.

Attendees can join the virtual queue and you can select who joins the speakers on stage. You want them to look back on your event and remember how awesome it was.

With Run The World, you can commemorate your events by taking a shareable Groupfie (that's a Group Selfie) in the photo booth.

You will also be able to stand out from the sea of Zoom calls by including introduction music, polls, stretch breaks, and sponsor shoutouts.

Run The World makes in-person events less stressful because everyone knows who they’re getting together with beforehand. Every event has a built-in online community where they can keep in touch with each other during, before, and after the event.

Your attendees can chat before, during, and after your event in a built-in online community. And because hosts deserve extra perks, you own your attendee list, so you can contact superfans any time.

With Run The World, you can host engaging interactive events that leave your attendees feeling good and connected to their communities.

Run The World PROS & CONS


  • You have to make a minimum effort in maintaining an external/separate email list once users have followed you on the app.
  • To invite participants, a URL link is all you need to send.
  • It is easy and straightforward to be an event organizer.
  • Ease of adding speakers, and their bio's.
  • Everyone gets to make their own; this helps with the efficiency of the events.
  • By turning on or off their video, speakers can come and go from stage
  • An easy transition could be made from a speaker's panel to a 1-on-1 networking session and back into the main event room. The meeting was worthwhile.
  • The mobile version of the app ensures that the organizer has an easy look at the attendees and the number of attendees, even on the go.


  • Cannot support more than 50k attendees

Pricing & Plan:

Run the World is a great virtual meeting or event tool, it works like zoom but the price of this tool is less costly than Zoom. The program offers three different plans including Free, Pro, and Sponsor. Let review these plan one by one.


The free plans offer you, 50 free attendees, with unlimited paid ticks. But you can get only 1 session per event, yet the advantage is that you can get an unlimited length of events.


Starts with 70$/mo. The recommended plan is Pro Plan, which offers 500 free attendees with unlimited paid tickets and 3 sessions per event. Also, it has an unlimited cocktail party which includes an unlimited number of length and events.


The sponsor plans are for enterprises. It starts with 429$/mo and offers 500 free attendees with unlimited paid tickets with 3 sessions per event. Also, you will get an unlimited cocktail party.



Hopin platform is one of the first all-in-ones live online events platforms for gathering people from all over the world to share knowledge and experiences. All events can offer the full conference experience: stages, networking, breakout sessions (roundtables), sponsors, tickets, analytics, sponsors, and sponsors.


vFairs helps event organizers and exhibitors create memorable connections with their target audiences. By removing the hassle usually associated with physical events, exhibition managers and exhibitors can focus on what's most important: engagement with the audience.


Through Hubilo's unique Virtual Event Platform, Hubilo's goal is to make your virtual event experience better than in-person events. In this way, virtual events can take on a virtual address.

Hubilo offers a much wider range of features than other online events, those only include webinars. Among these features is access to the attendee list, holding 1-on-1 meetings, exchanging business cards, etc.

Final Verdict: Run The World

In short, Run The World is a great tool. It allows you to hosts virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain your audience. It lets you create Virtual events which have many benefits as compared with other event creator tools.

Also, you can access this easy-to-use and simple software or online platform anywhere around the world. You can even conduct virtual events sitting right from your home.

So We can say that using this tool has many advantages. Like, any Virtual event can set up within no time, and less costly than physical events.