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Spott Lifetime Deal Review – Interactive Video and Image Platform

Spott Lifetime Deal Review - Interactive Video and Image Platform

Spott ReviewSpott software is a platform that uses interactive content to boost sales. Brands are competing for attention more fiercely than ever before. Pushing digital promotions are increasingly challenging audiences. As a result, to avoid the flood of commercials, savvy consumers use ad blockers (+30% of all internet users) and fast-forward via TV ads (up to 80% of viewers).

Consumer engagement is an essential component of any marketing and sales campaign. Let take an example, like you want to buy something online, what you will do? You will go to the various site, check product price, reviews and then decide to buy. The same goes for customers.

They want a simple view and make a transaction. They need engaging content that draws them in and increases their trust in a brand. They also expect interaction with the brand. So, how do you keep reaching out to your target audiences? And how do you know what is and isn't selling? That's where Spott comes in.

We'll go over what Spott is, how it can help you grow your business and the main features

Let gets started

What is Spott.ai?


Spott software is a platform that uses interactive content to boost sales. With a tiny code snippet, you can automate your database by tagging your products to create shoppable images for your store or brand website.

Reports can be used to monitor the actions of your website users and automate workflows. Professionals, as well as smaller businesses, use the software.

Spott not only improves lead conversion by making it more fun for the customer, but it also lowers the cost per click and rises through traffic.

A well-planned and professionally presented video is a tried-and-true marketing method. Furthermore, Spott allows for complete and accurate performance analysis. Let's take a look at the highlight.

Features of Spott.ai:


Interactive Video and Images:

The use of interactive video to promote and sell products is Spott's key feature. Using the tools provided, this is very easy to measure. To upload your video to the Spott website, you'll need to use a simple dashboard.

You can also import stills whether you're creating a product gallery. This is achieved using the excellently drag-and-drop process, which does not require any technical knowledge.

After that, you can add your assets – for example, descriptions and titles – and tag your media with relevant links, then press publish and go.

It's that simple, and many satisfied users have commented about how simple the Spott tool is to use.

Spott Reporting and Analytics:

Spott comes with a comprehensive analytics package that monitors and analyses every transaction. The measuring component gives you such a variety of data as you order, allows you to perform an accurate analysis of brand and item performance.

You can find out about the click-to-purchase ratio and much more and produce data on customer performance and preferences.

Spott helps you publish content across various popular platforms, enabling you to reach audiences in multiple locations simultaneously.

This function is enabled by the Spott Media Engine, which would be a powerful feature of the Spott kit. The 'Offer Tower' feature is also unique, except that it allows quick and easy changes to prices, language, and descriptions.

Engagement Tools:

Spott is also a valuable resource for publishers and marketers, who can benefit greatly from the interactive and improved engagement results.

This is a helpful tool that allows online retailers, in particular, to present images that are of high quality, fully interactive, and appealing, as well as videos that effectively promote a product.

Simple Image and Video Editor:

You can quickly add an interaction layer to any of your photos or videos. Create videos and photographs that are interactive.

Increase conversions by including a call to action, labelling the products, and obtaining newsletter subscriptions.

With Spott, you can make your published photos and videos more measurable and actionable by simply incorporating interactive elements.

How Does Spott.ai Works?


It works based on an intelligent system. It gives you the ability to make any marketing asset interactive with a few clicks and no coding or design experience. It's effortless just to get started with it. The product feed keeps it up to date by constantly adding and improving new features.

Spott keeps track of all of a product's and user's behaviours. It keeps track of user engagement, making it easy to determine a campaign's effectiveness and make changes to improve engagement.

To get started with Spott, all you have to follow the step we mentioned below.

  1. Upload your images (Video or photos)
  2. Add interactions.
  3. Publish and increase sales

How easy it is!!


There are three main competitors of Spott.ai.



Pictogon is the quickest and relatively simple way to make image maps. Any website's user experience can be significantly increased by making static images interactive. It enables you to create and publish the first interactive image for free within just 5 minutes!


ActiveCampaign is a tool that allows growing businesses to connect and engage with their customers in significant ways.

Its SaaS platform helps businesses create better customer experiences by automating several back-end processes and engaging with customers through channels with customized, intelligence-driven messages.

Showpad Content:

Showpad Content maximizes the interest of any buyer interaction by better planning sellers ahead of time, turning them into trusted advisors during the sale, and offering actionable feedback for better follow-up afterwards.


  • Price points for every sized business
  • Clear ROI of the tool
  • Reporting part of the tool
  • Easy to use! No coding required.
  • Modern AI-based tool.


  • I need some video or image editing skills.

Pricing and Plans:

There are three different packages available for Spott.

  • The basic plan is the 'Essential,' which costs €49.99 a month. There are 500 interactions and unlimited interactive media available, as well as standard reporting.
  • At €299.99 per month, 'Professional' includes all listed above and 4000 interactions, Google Display, custom styles, and regular updates.
  • At €499.99 a month, the 'Business' bundle includes all of the Technical features and a dedicated manager, 18,000 transactions, and advanced analytics.

Spott Lifetime Deal

Conclusion: Spott Review

An Essential package is a sensible option at an affordable price for smaller businesses. It needs a simple to use and effective tool for building a retail shop with interactive images. Because the tool is scalable, it can grow with your business. Several small online retailers have recorded positive results while using Spott.