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TexAu AppSumo LifeTime Deal at 79$ | AppSumo Review 2021

TexAu AppSumo LifeTime Deal at 79$ | AppSumo Review 2021

Review TexAu AppSumo

Looking for TexAu AppSumo Lifetime Deal? If yes, then you’re in the right spot.

Even though Inbound Marketing results in some targeted results for any business, it takes years of work and branding to get that to a place where it delivers results.

Getting results from Outbound with Social media and email outreach is the best option for most B2B businesses. In the short term, while you can concentrate on your inbound systems like SEO.

Besides, outreach campaigns should be strategic. Otherwise, you damage your brand in the long run. You need to find the right person to contact, find the right contact information, and communicate with the right message for the most reply rates.

If all these tasks performed, it would take a great deal of time and be ineffective. It is almost impossible for a small to medium-sized business to devote so much time to outreach campaigns for the business.

TexAu is an automation tool for businesses that will help you automate many tasks and grow your business without worrying and spending hours doing all the manual work.

AppSumo recently promoted TexAu as part of its lifetime access offer, which started with a $49 one-time fee. This TexAu AppSumo Review focuses on the lifetime deal offered by this SaaS tool. Before we dive deeper, let us tell you something about this company and their history.

Let’s look closely at this tool!!

What is TexAU?

TexAu AppSumo

TexAu is an automated software that helps you grow your business by making social media data accessible for finding and contacting new prospects. Powerful automation built for finding and managing prospects through social media.

TexAu gives you the platform you need to convert social media data into fresh leads and from one place. Find new customers, contact them, improve user data, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

It’s easy to build your own automation for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Hunter.io, Quora and other social media channels. Also, to the restaurant’s name and details, TexAU provides the restaurant’s address, phone number, coordinates, website, and hours of operation.

With this information, you can use TexAu templates to search the restaurant’s website for email addresses posted on their website, social media profiles, or anywhere else online.

You can email the owners to offer them your products or services once you have found the email addresses. By using this tool, sales teams will be more efficient in doing their work. TexAu extracts from each platform is accessible information, so if you were to get the data, you would have to spend countless hours gathering that data.

TexAu AppSumo Features:

TexAu AppSumo

The tool TexAu allows you to Find targeted employees at any company with ease. You can use data from one social media platform to act on another. So here are the main features of the tool TexAu AppSumo deal:

Auto Lead Generation:

Build a qualified pipeline of prospects in minutes by automating your lead generation funnel.

Social Media Integration:

Optimise your ads and enrich user details by connecting social media platforms

Best for Marketing:

With TexAu, Digital Agencies, Sales Teams, and Entrepreneurs will be able to scale faster and smarter.

Automation Support:

With several automation connected, you can create complex workflows.

Build Sales Prospects:

In addition, you can build a strong pipeline of qualified sales prospects that will enable them to contact the right decision-makers directly.

Third-Party Integration:

TexAu allows you to enrich your data from users and prospects across any vertical and any region with Snov.io, Hunter.io, and Full contact.

LinkedIn Drip Campaigns:

The LinkedIn drip campaigns feature personalized images and videos and can help you attract new leads.

Import and Export:

You can also import, export, filter, edit, and enrich a list of contacts, then pull the results of any automation and workflows.

Add Different Variables:

In addition, it lets you add variables for easy access and safe authentication like cookies, URLs, or usernames.

How does TexAu work?

After logging in with your account, you’re given the option to connect with the apps of your choice and build workflows. You can also skip this during the onboarding if you prefer.

After you have selected your apps, you took to TexAu’s main dashboard. We have listed all the spices we have available.

Recipes are the continuous automation workflows in TexAu that connect many apps into a continuous automation workflow. Spices are individual or one-off automation that runs in TexAu and takes a single action at a pre-defined time.

You can use TexAu’s spice list, and recipe templates already defined with all action sets already set up to start with. You can save them as favourites to access them faster while building your recipes.

The type of services you use to verify emails called our “spice”, whereas it is another spice in our recipe, a prospector that scrapes emails from LinkedIn to build our recipe.

TexAu’s spices offer a variety of possibilities across different channels. However, the name of the spices could be better since it isn’t very clear. Users could get confused about what exactly you can do by using the spice. With TexAu AppSumo, you can find templates (or pre-made recipes) that you can use to create your recipes.

Throughout the Results tab, all data retrieved can be searched for any specific spice or recipe to narrow down your search. The search box allows you to filter your search by the status of each spice or recipe.



  • Numerous possibilities
  • developed and updated
  • An active Founder and Facebook community


  • Beginners may find it difficult to understand
  • There is not enough documentation on use cases

Alternative of TexAu


The Phantombusters data extraction solution is a top competitor of TexAU. It helps sales and marketing teams collect information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to ease customer relationship management.

Besides scheduling and automating actions such as liking and following profiles, sending customized messages, accepting requests, and more, the platform enables administrators to interact with prospects and increase visibility throughout the web.


ZoomInfo is a platform designed to help sellers and marketers find potential new customers through comprehensive market intelligence. The cloud-based platform lets sales and marketing teams discover new customers.


It is an online performance management tool that combines all metrics related to marketing in one place. Supermetrics makes it easy to integrate data from several sources like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin, and others.

Reports, track in Google Sheets, and analyze with Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Google Sheets provide all the metrics and dimensions you may need.

Pricing Plan of TexAu AppSumo

TexAu AppSumo

TexAu offers three plans, Starter, Growth, and Agency. In addition, the main differences are the amount of time the spices can run per day, the number of email enrichments per day, file storage size restrictions, and the most number of processes they can be set up.

With TexAu, you’ll find out exactly how many prospective customers you’re reaching by following up on every step of the way. It’s $300, but while we’re offering it for $79, it is a lifetime deal.

TexAu AppSumo LifeTime Deal

Final Verdict: TexAu AppSumo LifeTime Deal

In conclusion, TexAu is a unique automation tool that can be a real time saver for your business in the process of social media outreach and communication. Although TexAu has a steep learning curve, you can be sure that it’s a tool worth exploring once you’ve mastered it.