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TidyCal AppSumo LifeTime Deal in $19 | AppSumo Review 2021

TidyCal AppSumo LifeTime Deal in $19 | AppSumo Review 2021

Review TidyCal AppSumo

Looking for a TidyCal AppSumo Lifetime deal? If yes then you are on the right spot.

Schedule a meeting with someone new can be a real hassle. You need to coordinate with others across different time zones, and keep track of availability on your own calendar, and find the time that works.

People had difficulties finding someone they trust with their scheduling needs. So, AppSumo heard about it and launched their very own meeting schedule service called Tidycal.

Basically, tidycal is a calendly competitor launched by appsumo. They're offering it for $19 for life, the same price as their calendar product. It's a better way to schedule meetings without the mess.

TidyCal is a calendar management app that acts as a middleman and eliminates the back and forth. TidyCal is currently available for only $19.00 on AppSumo. This scheduling solution, developed by the AppSumo team, will help you manage your calendar more so that you can generate more bookings.

This article will provide a detailed review of TidyCal Lifetime deal. Make sure to check out the complete article to assess whether it is worth it.

What is TidyCal?

TidyCal AppSumo

The TidyCal app helps you handle your calendar and get more bookings. It's easy-to-use and lets you integrate all your calendars in minutes. TidyCal's easy-to-use interface makes getting all your calendars integrated super easy and seamless.

Moreover, With up to 10 calendar connections per account and time zones recognized, the solution takes care of conflicting schedules.

You’ll never have to worry about scheduling a meeting when you have a personal obligation again (you’ve missed too many soccer games). If that’s not enough, integrations between many calendars will put all your Google accounts in one place.

In addition, you can sync thousands of other tools to TidyCal through the Zapier integration, and simplify your workflow. Set up many free and paid meeting options for your prospects, customers, clients, and more.

Furthermore, you can simplify your schedule even further by integrating your Google calendars into TidyCal immediately. Using TidyCal is very straightforward, so once your calendars integrated, the process of setting up booking pages simplified.

Your competitor's schedule updated each time they try to arrange an appointment. You'll free up your time by sending many emails back and forth to set up meetings. Then, you know when you're available and can incorporate gap hours, so you can take a break without back-to-back meetings.

TidyCal AppSumo Features:

TidyCal AppSumo
  • Make scheduling meetings a snap with booking pages, calendar integrations, and other custom features.
  • It's easy to create meeting pages and schedule meetings without emailing each other
  • You can schedule meetings with clients for free or at a reduced rate.
  • Meeting schedulers are the best for project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams.
  • It is possible to schedule free as well as charged meetings with clients, prospects, and others.
  • With TidyCal AppSumo lifetime deal you can integrate your calendars within minutes.
  • There are up to ten calendar connections per account, as well as a built-in rule to find out when recipients live in which time zone. This eliminates scheduling conflicts once and for all.
  • Additionally, you don't have to fret about scheduling a business meeting when you have a personal commitment.
  • Also, you can connect your Google calendars all in one place, since many calendar integration options provided.
  • TidyCal makes it easy to integrate your Google calendar.
  • Using TidyCal, it's easy to set up various booking pages based on which calendars you have linked.
  • It is possible to build free booking pages for prospects, a paid page for clients, and more.
  • Instead of spending time emailing back and forth to schedule meetings, you schedule everything on autopilot.
  • It's so easy to select availability blocks by day and add gap times. This way you can take a break without endless meetings. (Especially the ones that could done through email.)
  • You can schedule breaks during your free time so you can relax and unwind.
  • Embed a widget allowing you to easily book through your website
  • The scheduling tool enables you to see all the important information about the client from the start, which will save you time.



  • Learning is easy (you can start after a few minutes)
  • Color Branding
  • Awesome Site Embeds
  • This tool also comes with three premade calendars (15, 30, and 60 minutes) that you can customize
  • Also, you can connects to Google Calendar, Microsoft, and Apple in the works
  • Embed on web site looks great


  • Master Calendar is unavailable
  • No Private Links
  • Deeper integration with Zoom so it generates a unique meeting

Alternative of TidyCal At AppSumo


The very first and top alternative of TidyCal is SavvyCal. With this scheduling software, users can help each other find a suitable time to meet. It's our mission to make it simple for all parties to pick a suitable time to meet. It is a snap to create personalized schedule links that make a tremendous impression on your recipients.


This tool offer the use of a web application (FreeBusy) to schedule meetings using email, voice, chat, and web browser synchronization. Also, it can work with online calendars (Google, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, etc) and any mobile device.


The other software that can replace TidyCal is Calendly. Calendly has the capability to schedule appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more. It takes away the old-school way of conducting business: email and phone tags.

Pricing Plan of TidyCal at AppSumo:

The TidyCal scheduling solution helps you list business and keep track of appointments in minutes. It's flexible enough to fit within any calendar with little effort. TidyCal normally costs $108.00, but AppSumo has a lifetime deal for $19 for a limited time.

Final Verdict: TidyCal AppSumo Lifetime Deal

In short, for just $19, the tool could be a real winner. It'll let you schedule various meeting types, more than Calendly's free version. Easy to set up and share and set up from your website as an embed. Highly recommended.