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UppBeat AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $58 | AppSumo Review 2021

UppBeat AppSumo LifeTime Deal At $58 | AppSumo Review 2021

Review Uppbeat AppSumo

Get a Uppbeat AppSumo lifetime deal for $50 on app sumo. YouTube videos, podcasts, Instagram posts and social media posts need music that’s not cheesy or overplayed.

It isn't easy to discover new music that you love on a website designed for artists. Not only will it be difficult to navigate the maze of music licensing confusion, but it may also lead to copyright claims that aren’t fair or justified.

Nowadays, many content creators turn their daily lives into video content. As a result, many tools simplify the process of creating video content, like Subly and FlexClip.

Yet, one of the biggest challenges face video creators is finding music that will not consider copyright infringement.

Uppbeat, a new music platform, provides YouTubers and content creators with copyright-free music for their videos.

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating YouTube videos, podcasts, or social media content; the last thing you need is something cheesy or overplayed. What if there was an online music store for creators so they could find amazing music in seconds and not encounter any copyright issues?

We got the solution on AppSumo; UppBeat AppSumo LifeTime deal lets you choose thousands of tracks and music free of cost without copyright issues.

What is UppBeat?

Uppbeat AppSumo

Like Spotify, the Uppbeat website uses a freemium model. From the start, creators can sign up for a free account, which lets them access half of their 1,000-track music library and ten monthly downloads.

The App works to avoid the complexity of copyright litigation while still compensating creators. It could be the best alternative to free music services like YouTube's Audio Library and Creative Commons' legal music for images.

Uppbeat has diverse music libraries and curated playlists perfect for chillhop for travel vlogs and background beats for tutorial videos. They house indie musicians and producers like Pryces, All Good Folks, and Soundroll. Because only one per cent of artist applications accepted by Uppbeat, you will find high quality and relevant tunes that will leave an impression.

For free users, adding a credit to the description of their YouTube video is all that needed to clear copyright claims. The extra step eliminated for paid users.

UppBeat AppSumo Features:

Uppbeat AppSumo
  • Discover a whole new world of music without being bound by copyright claims.
  • Your video will not consider as copyright with unlimited music from real artists.
  • Awesome tracks added every week, and no copyright claims.
  • A freemium platform oriented towards creators, this is the first.
  • A great selection of music from true artists.
  • You'll be able to download unlimited videos.
  • You can use the Premium plan and whitelist YouTube channels against claims of copyright infringement.
  • Besides, the platform accepts subscriptions from artists, so downloads reimbursed! So, it's a win-win for everyone.
  • Uppbeat’s curated playlists will match any content, from vlogs made by travel enthusiasts to comedy sketches.
  • Free users at Uppbeat AppSumo let you download 10 full-length songs per month.

How UppBeat Work?

Unlike Spotify, the Uppbeat website uses a freemium model. Creations can sign-up for a free account, which gives access to half of the site’s music catalogue and 10 downloads per month. Another plan goes all the way and includes unlimited downloads.

YouTube free users must add credit to their video description to clear copyright claims. At the same time, paid users added to an approved list that eliminates this extra step.

Tracks will still have to fingerprint to combat unlicensed usage, so a copyright claim will still happen. But, rather than taking days or weeks to resolve, it will resolve in about five minutes, the company states.

The Uppbeat AppSumo system knows when the claim has cleared by checking the video description for the correct credit and checking the claim against its list of paid users.



  • The quality of the song is really impressive, as is the music.
  • Create a playlist, set my favourite, and listen to it again.
  • Copyright clearance for YouTube
  • Uppbeat is Spotify for creators!


  • No SFX.
  • Lack of option to whitelist Multiple Youtube Channels.

Alternative of UppBeat AppSumo


Spotify is a decent alternative to UppBeat. It is a music, podcast, and video provider that lets you listen to more than a million tracks and stream content. You can use the basic functions like playing music for free, but you can also upgrade to Spotify Premium.

YouTube Music:

Most of the Uppbeat and Spotify alternatives entries on this list rival Spotify in the free service's functionality. Yet, YouTube's new music app, YouTube Music, has the potential to overthrow the world's leading streaming service.

With YouTube you can get all the music that you can get on Spotify in one place. YouTube also uses artificial intelligence to tailor its playlists based on what you like. It also helps that YouTube owned by Google.


There’s nothing better than a web-based service like MusicUp for someone who wants to find free Spotify alternatives. It’s easy to use, and it has a karaoke feature, so it deserves the honor of includes on this list.

Pricing Plan of UppBeat AppSumo:

Uppbeat AppSumo

Having the right music for your short or feature film is essential. Uppbeat is a new sound platform designed for the creator community. Over 900 tracks from artists, producers, and composers around the globe are available for use on Uppbeat, which is available for only $58. The full price of the tool is $168, but we included it in our special offer at a low price of only.

UppBeat AppSumo LifeTime Deal

Final Verdict: UppBeat AppSumo LifeTime Deal

In Short, YouTube whitelisting is a super-useful feature. We know they said they were going to add multi-channel support in the future, but at $59, can you buy 4 whitelist codes for each channel you want to manage or run and it could still be an amazing deal?