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VadooTV Review 2021 | Ad-free Video Hosting Platform

VadooTV Review 2021 | Ad-free Video Hosting Platform

VadooTV Review – Looking for VadooTV Lifetime deal on AppSumo in 2021? Then you come to the right place.

Videos are becoming more and more popular so it shouldn't come as any surprise that their consumption is growing as well. Aside from that, the cost of CDN, buffering, and bandwidth are all increasing and this will continue to disturb the complete user experience.

By reducing CDN Costs and rebuffering in video streaming, VadooTV uses a hybrid P2P streaming model. It reduces bandwidth requirements while providing a robust video streaming platform with a one-time fee that's simple and affordable.

A lifetime deal with the best hosting platform will enable you to customize your videos. Besides being able to access all the tools you need to grow your readership and business.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a video streaming tool that reduces the streaming and CDN cost with P2p multi-CDN streaming. We discussed every pinpoint in this article and try to make your final decision easier. So lets’ get a start and understand about VadooTv, whether you should buy it or not.

What is VadooTv?


Most useful software tools are available in AppSumo every week. Thus, any entrepreneur, small business, and freelancer can develop their business using those software tools. Vadootv Player is one such tool that is currently in the deal available on AppSumo.

Vadootv Player provides ad-free video hosting with a customizable player and tools to help grow your audience. Moreover, It is a great means to deliver your business to customers in a valuable ad-free video experience with a player that reflects your branding. You can also enlarge your business reach with high-speed secure video hosting.

It allows you to host the videos ad-free. How does it work? You upload your videos to the super-secure cloud-based servers via the central dashboard, or import from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Publitio, and more.

Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vadootv Player gets it, allowing you to host your videos ad-free on their platform. Vadootv Player delivers fast load times using fast CDNs spread across the world for bandwidth optimization.

Finally, By customizing your video player’s colour and skin to match your brand, you’ll be able to improve the video viewing experience for your audience.

VadooTV Features:


Besides with above mention functionality with Vadootv Player, you can get fast loading times using high-speed CDNs spread around the world for bandwidth optimization. The main features of the tool Vadootv Player include

Record or host your ad-free videos within a secure cloud and deliver via CDNs that provide high speeds. Customize the player so that it matches your brand, collect leads, and offer CTAs for better conversions.

Vadootv Player used by Marketers, Sales professionals, and Content Creators who want to create and share lightning-fast videos without ads. It is also an awesome alternative for Vidyard and Loom.

Using this tool, you can provide a more seamless viewing experience for your audience as you customize your video player's color and skin to match your branding. You can add placed call-to-action to encourage users to take specific actions based on your video content. There are some key features we would like to mention

  • Video hosting with no ads
  • You can stream videos that are ad-free and of high quality.
  • A customizable player through which users can add branding, change the color, and more.
  • Adaptive streaming – Automatic change of video resolution based on bandwidth usage
  • Moreover, You can embed videos and share them on your website, in emails, and via social media.
  • Video analytics helps users find out what people are watching and how they react to their content.
  • Increase your reach with customized landing pages.

Who Can Use VadooTV?

VadooTv is perfect for marketers, sales professionals, communications professionals, educators, trainers, customer support video creators.

Those creating onboarding video, recording lessons, or anyone who wants to create and share videos that are lightning-fast without ads.

VadooTV is efficient for developers since it has pre-built integrations. While live TV and OTT companies find it beneficial because it built with flexible video apps and has low bandwidth costs. With the use of low bandwidth, you can build scalable social video experiences as well as e-commerce experiences with a high population of users and variable bandwidth.

How VadooTv Works?


VadooTV uses WebRTC to reduce video streaming bandwidth costs and latency for live streaming and VOD platforms. It is a P2P SDK integration that can reduce your video streaming costs and reduce rebuffering for your users.

It supports all major streaming protocols as well as HLS and DASH. Vadootv powered by WebRTC, which distributes the load between many users, which reduces server costs and allows for improved scalability.

You can also use advanced security features and password protection to make sure that only people you intend to see the content have access to. In addition, it lets you use HLS encryption and advanced sharing settings with password-protected videos and domain restrictions to make sure that only the right people see the content.

The straightforward process of uploading your videos is as simple as dragging and dropping. Then you can customize the uploaded videos on your own look and feel. Finally, you can embed your videos on your website or social networks, and you can also find out how visitors are reacting to them.



  • High-speed playback using fast CDN
  • AI-powered Recording tool
  • Video Management with projects and multiple users
  • Video in email, website, social media & more
  • Customized Landing Page
  • Domain Security & Encryption
  • CTA, Lead capture, and Password protected videos
  • White Label & CNAME
  • HLS encryption is important,
  • It can protect my video with encryption.
  • Easy to Use


  • The upload speed could be better
  • Video organization is lacking.

VadooTV Competitors:

There are some top competitors of Vadoo, you can use them as well. These tools work the same and are somewhere better than Vadootv. Let’s check them out

Quick page:

Quick page is VadooTv's fierce competitor and alternative. These sales follow-up tools use video to close the deal. It can be used to record, deliver and track high-resolution, downloadable .mov and .mp4 files by email and text.

Therefore, It is a great online platform for Dealerships, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, Consultants, and Coaches. See more deals close and see higher response rates.


Vidyard is an online video platform built for business. This platform offers one-stop solutions for video creation, hosting, management, and sharing, used by thousands of companies across the globe — from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Vidyard also drives valuable leads, closes more deals, and proves the value of video with powerful video analytics, security features, and integrations with other business tools.


Another popular alternative is Cloudflare Inc. It is the leading company in web performance and security. Cloudflare aims to make the Internet a safer and more secure place for all.

Currently, the company runs one of the largest networks in the world. It is powered by more than a thousand data centers that handle more than 10 trillion requests a month. That is about 10% of all Internet requests, impacting roughly 2.5 billion people globally.

VadooTV Player Pricing

This is a great tool as we said before. As it lets you host your videos ad-free on fast, secure servers with a customizable video player to match your branding. The actual price of the tool Vadootv Player is $1456.00 but AppSumo offers it in a deal for a low price which will be a lifetime offer for a limited period of time. Furthermore, Vadootv Players offer 3 plans, so the customer can pick the plan that best suits his needs.


All users can download 10 free videos per month, an unbranded player, and 1 project. The plan gives you 1 GB of storage. There is only one user at a time. The plan has 2 Domain Security, HLS Encryption, and protected with a password.

PRO – $ 15/month

The Pro plan may cost $ 15 per month. It allows users to create unlimited audio and video content. The plan comes with 50 GB of storage. The plan limit to three users. It lets you manage 10 domains, HLS encryption, and protected with a password.


In comparison to the other plans, Custom allows you to create unlimited videos in full HD and you can use unlimited users. Additionally, it gives you unlimited storage, and you receive premium customer support. It has unlimited domain security,

The Vadootv Player comes with HLS Encryption, a video player unbranded, unlimited projects, and password protection. Get lifetime updates. Contact Vadootv for pricing.

VadooTV Lifetime Deal

Final Verdict:

In short, we can say that the future is a video, and having a deal where you can host videos with unlimited bandwidth is really awesome. So, this product is super easy to use for almost anyone, which means almost no learning curve required.

There are so many great features here: Cname. HLS encryption, customizing your brand… but my favorite part is the calls to action, especially since your clients and customers won't have another URL to follow on somewhere like YT.