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WebStarts Review – Create and Design Websites in 5 Minutes

WebStarts Review – Create and Design Websites in 5 Minutes

WebStarts ReviewWebStarts is a full-featured website builder that is really simple and smart enough to meet the needs of beginners and web design professionals. Whenever it comes to finding a site builder that's perfect for your business, blog, or even personal portfolio, there are usually three key features that help separate game-changers: price, ease of use, and customization. It is often difficult to find site builders that reasonably meet all three requirements.

There are cheap and simple platforms, and they seem to enable limited control. There are a few who provide most of the customization and control you might like. Still, it will take months to work it all out on your own… or a massive investment in a web developer to handle it for you.

But how does one find the perfect site builder which has all three main characteristics? It's not hard; however, in this review guide, we will discuss one of the best website builders in 2021.

Web Starts a full-featured web builder that lets you drag and drop on a professional website. It provides better ways with comprehensive features and many supportabilities of customizing your desktop and mobile sites.

Let's see what WebStarts has to offer in a little more detail.

What Is WebStarts all about?


WebStarts is a full-featured website builder that is really simple and smart enough to meet the needs of beginners and web design professionals.

The software makes it possible to develop and manage websites of various types and styles, providing a decent collection of features and resources needed to meet a predominant lot of web building needs.

With the drag-and-drop website builder, WebStarts offers a clean and elegant interface that simplifies the process of building a website, making it more intuitive and easy.

It doesn't need any technical expertise or coding background skills to get started. However, those with HTML experience can use it to customize the website further.

Features of Webstarts:


When it comes to discussing features, WebStarts is just like of its competitors, from where you can choose pre-designed templates and edit them in your way. For features of WebStarts Now, let's look at the key highlights of the website builder to know what to expect from it.

Responsive Mobile Editor

You can create a responsive mobile website with WebStarts. But this feature is available to Pro Plus and Business account users.

Blog Editor and Manager

Webstarts equipped with an integrated Blog Manager that allows you to add, edit, design, and publish blog posts. Here, too, the scheduling function is also available, which is an obvious advantage of the program. However, it should be mentioned that the blog editor looks a little messy due to the small number of layout options.

Solid customization

HTML access provides an excellent opportunity to modify the elements so that you can create a website that truly satisfies your needs


The Online Store feature is only accessible to Business users. Using WebStarts eCommerce features, all payments can be processed across several channels, including Authorize, WePay, Stripe, and PayPal.

You can customize your store's appearance using the design themes available and by inserting custom photos and text. You can sort items based on options like color and size, and you can easily monitor inventory.

Membership System

Some web builders offer a feature that allows us to create a page for members only. With WebStarts, setting this setup is as easy as dragging and dropping your membership app to a tab.

The Drag-and-Drop

Drag-and-drop is one of the best part about the WebStarts web builder. WebStarts provides even more control over building your pages and organizing menus with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It's just as user-friendly as it would be.

How Does WebStarts Works?


Go to their main page and press the 'Get Started Now' button to get the ball rolling. This is supposed to populate a wide range of website templates for you all to choose from – literally, there are thousands of beautiful designs!

After choosing the best template for your project, all you have to do is build a WebStarts account by providing the email and password.

Now, as before, you have chosen the domain name of your website. If you have done all things correctly, WebStarts will show you the tutorials explaining how to use your site builder's interface.



  • Stock images collection.
  • Several integration options are available.
  • Membership integration system.
  • Customizable templates, sorted by niche.
  • You can generate coupon codes for your customers to use.
  • Business users could also customize and set up several shipping options.
  • You can add several photographs to each one of your product pages.


  • It costs you extra access to stats and analytics on your website!
  • You don't have access to the marketplace of third-party widgets.
  • No live chat at all.
  • Ad-support a free plan.
  • Lack of features of e-commerce on all paid plans.


There are other best options available at affordable prices and plans. Check them out below.

1&1 my website


IONOS offers everything you need to create your personal or business websites. Get started with one of our site builders. Go to My Website Now for a significant other in a site that's ready in minutes or My Website Designer for pro features and complete creative freedom. All web packages contain a domain and an SSL certificate.


Wix Web builder allows you to create a beautiful professional website for free. Wix uses Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, and Wix Code. Wix ADI makes a unique site with professional text, photographs, and more. Wix Editor Gives you design independence with advanced features and fast drag & drop.


Odor's website builder is highly professional, creative, user-friendly, and easy enough so anyone can create a beautiful website with absolutely no coding knowledge whatsoever. Configure and maintain a website quickly and efficiently with Odor's essential software and easy-to-use design.

Pricing and Plans:

WebStarts has three different plans with so many features and update options. Check out their pricing plans below.

  • Their first plan is free, and you can take advantage of their website build free out of cost but has a limitation.
  • The Pro Plan comes in handy at just 10$ per month with a decants option for small businesses. But it doesn't come with a domain name; however, it has 5GB of storage with email sport and unlimited webpages.
  • The business plan costs $39 per month. It is aimed at online business or services with many CRM tools such as email marketing, website builder, and more. It is best for those who want to start their e-commerce business.

Webstarts Life Time Deal

Conclusion: Webstarts Review

WebStarts needs to come with a pretty intuitive web editor which appeals to users because of its simplicity and convenience. Suppose you are a beginner or professional web design. In that case, you can create beautiful web stores, blogs, portfolios, or any website. It provides a modern, responsive, elegant template but doesn't offer customization scope and versatility.

The web editing process is very understandable and straightforward, which allows the project to be launched in just a few hours. Customer support service is standard, but it certainly lacks a live chat tool.