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WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime Deal $39 | Does it Worth?

WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime Deal $39 | Does it Worth?

Review WP Compress Appsumo

Looking for WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime Deal? Then you are on the right spot.

WordPress has become so popular that you can see people compressing photos after uploading them. Yet, until recently, the alternatives were few.

You could use special Linux utilities to perform this task or all a plugin on WordPress and have a server the do the work. It was a no-brainer for system administrators and people with a lot of CPU power.

What about the "typical" WordPress user? Someone who may have moved into a new hosting provider that does not offer unlimited CPU resources? Here comes the WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime deal into play.

The AppSumo deals provide most of the useful software tools in deal every week. Any entrepreneur, small corporation, or freelancer can use this opportunity to grow their business. One such tool is WP Compress, available this week in the WP Compress AppSumo.

This article will discuss this plugin and also WP Compress AppSumo. The standard price info found at the bottom of this article.

Whether you're interested in the WP Compress AppSumo deal, please keep reading to learn how it works and its features.

What is WP Compress?

WP Compress AppSumo

WP Compress Appsumo is a powerful image compression plugin that is available for WordPress. And even beginners can use it to shrink image sizes and improve page load times. Moreover, WP Compress gives website owners the freedom to compress images without making a change to their websites.

This way, you can optimize images without using resources from the hosting plan (keeping your website fast).

The plugin does more than compress files. There are other handy features like the ability to resize your images while compressing, smart compression settings (presets from lossless to ultra), Otto background compression, and unlimited backups (so you can always undo an image).

The best part about WP Compress AppSumo is its top-notch support. And after their latest version 4, it's got CDN, adaptive images, lazy loading, white-label reports for agencies, and a whole lot more.

WP Compress AppSumo Features

WP Compress AppSumo

By using WP Compress, you can supercharge your site by adjusting images and scripts for incoming visitors. WP Compress has the following main features:

Optimizing images:

It Optimises images and in real-time to improve site performance, lower bounce rate, and give users a better user experience

Customization Limits:

Set a monthly client quota, send custom branded reports, and manage all linked sites using one centralized portal.


In contrast to many other plugins, WP Compress stores this information in the cloud rather than your server, which could save you space. This is one of the plugin’s unique properties.

Night-time optimization:

When uploading an image, you can optimize it during the off-peak hours rather than soon after.

Preserve EXIF data:

You can choose whether to keep the EXIF data.

Hide WP Compress:

A unique feature is that you can hide all traces of WP Compress from your Media Library screen.

Exclude certain images:

With Smush, EWWW, and Optimole, this is an ideal alternative that lets you select images that don’t need to optimize.

WebP Conversion:

With Media Library Compress WebP you can compress images, resize images on the go, and even create WebP images from non-web images.

Local Optimizing:

By using the Local Optimization feature, you reduce the physical footprint of your pages, allowing them to load faster and help reduce bandwidth. When not using Local Optimization, you can use Real-Time Optimization. You can also optimize images upon upload.

How does WP Compress work?

Furthermore, installing WP Compress is as easy as going to your Dashboard, selecting Plugins > Add New and searching for WP Compress. Or you can also grab it right from the WordPress.org repository:

It’s a simple matter of linking your WordPress site to your WP Compress Cloud API account, and then you’re ready to go!

Upon clicking the “Get Started” button, then after you will notify to create an account by entering your email address.

When you sign up for WP Compress, a unique API key gets generated and sent to you by email. Once you receive your API key, please navigate to the main interface.

Some features disabled by default. And the free plan does allow you to test the service, yet, keep in mind that you get 1,000 images with no powerups included. Hence, After using all your credits, you will be notified to upgrade.

With WP Compress, it’s easy to link your website, and you’ll get real-time optimization in minutes. The platform also lets you send detailed, client-specific reports in an email each month.

In short, WP Compress is a solid WordPress plugin for building multi-sites that gives you complete control over assigning credits, building custom reports, and managing the various linked sites.



  • Adding sites is easy in both methods.
  • Speed increases reported in both methods
  • Improved soles visually with both methods.
  • There are options available for custom reporting, branding, and agency mode.


  • There is no help documentation for non-WordPress users.
  • There seem to be no advanced CSS features in your system with the non-WordPress method.

Alternative of WP Compress:


WP Compress AppSumo

The WP Smush WordPress plugin allows you to optimize images without sacrificing quality. It can optimize your images as you upload them to your WordPress site. If you have older images, you can go to Media » Smush to smush 50 images at a time.


WP Compress AppSumo

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin helps improve your site's performance by optimizing images as they uploaded, as well as existing images. Doing so can reduce bandwidth consumption and reduce disk usage.


WP Compress AppSumo

Optimole another optimization plugin for WordPress. It comes in two versions: the free plan and the paid plan. The number of images you can optimize depends on the original image size and the number of optimizations you do. The Free plan lets you optimize up to 1 GB of images, which is around 2000 images at 500KB each.

Pricing Plan of WP Compress:

This tool makes it easier for you to provide a great experience for your visitors by optimizing your images and scripts for each user. Yet, the actual price of the tool is $228.00, but includes in our special offer for a low price of only $39.

WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Final Verdict: WP Compress AppSumo Lifetime Deal

In Conclusion, there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to WordPress image optimization, but WPCompress’ has agency-level features disguised in a straightforward user interface that is easy for beginners to use. The WP Compress AppSumo is a no brainer.